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    ViPR™ VGF

    ViPR™ Group Fitness (VGF) programs and classes have become increasingly popular, and with a reason. The unique ViPR 3D and ViPR Athletic programs were designed by a team of highly skilled health and fitness leaders. The programs are designed to take advantage of whole-body integrated training that combines whole-body movement patterns with resistance training, using the concept of Loaded Movement Training. One of the reasons the classes are so popular is that this advanced group fitness program is also designed to be FUN for participants.
    For these classes, Power Systems offers its highest-quality ViPR workout equipment, the ViPR™ VGF. This sturdy, weighted tube with handholds at varying locations is similar to our ViPR™ PT line of workout equipment, but is more durable because it is made of made of rubber.

    ViPR™ VGF:

    • Multiple tools in one, allowing an enormous range of workout options
    • Introduces a new concept in conditioning – Loaded Movement Training
    • Designed for ViPR group fitness exercises


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    The ViPR VGF workout equipment is used during ViPR 3D and ViPR Athletic classes. ViPR 3D classes are synchronized to music, and emphasize continuous, fluid movements with the instructor as "conductor." ViPR Athletic classes are more for the hard core athlete; they are not synchronized to music, utilize more of a time interval-based circuit training concept, and the instructor is more of a "coach." Whatever ViPR class you take, however, the Power Systems ViPR VGF workout equipment will enable you to make the most of it.


    • Multiple tools in one, allowing an enormous range of workout options
    • Can be used indoors or outdoors
    • Is mobile and versatile

    Additional Information

    So if you want to start taking advantage of the ViPR classes offered in your area, contact Power Systems and order your own ViPR VGF. You'll be amazed at the difference the VGF program can bring to your fitness regimen.



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    ViPR™ VGF -4KG VGF - Single 13836 13836 -- -- $187.39
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    ViPR™ VGF -8KG VGF - Single 13844 13844 -- -- $239.39


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