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    ViPR PT provides trainers with a new method to help clients build strength, stability, and agility. Through the concept of Loaded Movement Training, ViPR workout equipment provides virtually limitless ways to challenge and motivate your clients through natural, full-body movement.

    Benefits of ViPR PT:

    • Increases agility and functional movement
    • Increases power, stability, and strength in multiple directions
    • Increases calorie burn during and after workouts


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    At first glance the ViPR is deceptively simple: a weighted rubber tube with handholds at varying locations. However, a ViPR workout is anything but simple. This one piece of gym equipment allows fitness enthusiasts to enjoy over 9,000 exercises that increase strength, stability, power, agility, and functional movement.


    • Made of durable rubber
    • Can be used indoors or outdoors
    • Mobile and versatile
    • Available in weights ranging from 4 KG to 26 KG

    Additional Information

    The ViPR workout is based on the concept of Loaded Movement Training, a training philosophy that combines task-oriented movement with resistance training. The ViPR adds weight to purposeful movement, integrating and strengthening the entire structure of the body. Inspired by farm work, Loaded Movement Training adds weight to movement-based tasks, bridging the gap between movement and strength training. Moving with a load improves dynamic strength, agility, and balance, which can help you client meet a number of goals, including weight management and enhanced sport performance.
    ViPR is designed to be a supplement to conventional workouts. It is durable, portable, and easy to store, allowing you or your clients to enjoy a workout anywhere. All of the movements designed for the ViPR can be modified or progressed to fit individual fitness levels and goals. When used to supplement already established strength training routines, the ViPR effectively adds variety, helping clients remain motivated and stimulated.
    When you're looking to add a new piece of fitness equipment to your gym or home workout routine, the ViPR is a great choice. This simple piece of equipment allows you or your clients to access a huge variety of movements, increasing challenge and building motivation while improving strength and agility in a unique new way.



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    ViPR™ PT -4 KG - Single 13800 13800 -- -- $165.99
    ViPR™ PT -6 KG - Single 13804 13804 -- -- $183.39
    ViPR™ PT -8 KG - Single 13808 13808 -- -- $212.99
    ViPR™ PT -10 KG - Single 13812 13812 -- -- $242.39
    ViPR™ PT -12 KG - Single 13816 13816 -- -- $287.39
    ViPR™ PT -16 KG - Single 13820 13820 -- -- $303.69
    ViPR™ PT -20 KG - Single 13824 13824 -- -- $351.39
    ViPR™ PT -26 KG - Single 13828 13828 -- -- $455.39


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