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    Bamboo Bar

    The most significant advantage of incorporating the Bamboo Bar into regular workouts is versatility. This is due to the great control a bamboo barbell puts into your hands. Bamboo bars are good for improving technique and increasing endurance. The unique design of the bar increases balance and stabilization that results in a better overall workout for strength training, rehab, and preventative injury.

    Using Bamboo Bars:

    • Strengthens stabilizing muscles for healthy joint function
    • Keeps weight balanced during high-energy exercises
    • Allows for exact placement to improve balance

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    The bamboo barbell helps prevent injuries while building strength. It is hand-made from lightweight bamboo with horizontal Safety-Slots on each end that hold the bands supporting the kettlebells in place. The unique design aids in performing high-energy exercises like rear delt pulls, seated good mornings, and bicep curls by improving balance and safety.


    • Handles weights up to 300 lbs
    • Lightweight construction of just 5.4 lbs
    • Bamboo press has better control than traditional bars
    • 77" L x 3" H x 3" W

    Additional Information

    The Bamboo Bar from Bandbell is one of the products offered by Power Systems that increases training efforts while also enhancing safety. Performing a bamboo bench press causes oscillations throughout the entire movement. These oscillations are what cause the stabilizing muscles of the shoulders to work. This is nearly impossible to achieve through traditional bench presses.
    The ability of a bamboo barbell to work these stabilizing muscles makes it a good tool for strength endurance and for rehabilitation. At the same time, the construction of the bar demands your attention to control the bar path. This action will improve technique and, when used with large loads, trigger oscillations. While lifting, the kettlebells are moving, causing you to resist the momentum they cause. With virtually no weight in the bar, you can’t slow down the movement at the top.
    When performing a bamboo press, the bar teaches the user to lift consistently by maintaining balance. Forearms must be at a 90-degree angle to prevent the bar from going forward. It also prevents allowing lifts to drift farther back than they should be.
    Bamboo bars are similar to stability equipment in that it requires you to always maintain balance while making power movements. This keeps you focused mentally and physically on keeping the weights where they need to be. The bar will accommodate weights up to 300 pounds for increased strength and improved joint function. Power Systems is happy to offer the Bandbell bamboo bar that is a must-have for every workout program. Few barbells offer this degree of versatility.
    The bamboo bar is 77” long and is made with horizontal safety slots that keep the weight bands firmly in place during all types of exercise. Don’t miss out on the safe, effective, and versatile workout that this piece of equipment can bring to every workout program.



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