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    AIREX Balance Pad

    The goal of balance equipment is to provide instability, which forces the body to react by engaging certain muscle groups in order to remain stable. People who train with balance pads see gains in balance and strength, improved stability, stamina and muscle coordination.

    AIREX Balance Pad:

    • Add a challenge to your current workout
    • Improve balance, strength, ankle/joint stability, stamina and coordination
    • Ideal for rehabilitation


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    Power Systems offers the AIREX balance pad and the Balance Pad Elite. Innovative Airex foam is comprised of millions of small air bubbles that invite barefoot training. The yielding foam activates and sensitizes the whole body. Balance trainers come in three models to serve a variety of needs: standard blue and elite in black or blue. Benefits of the elite pads include superior grip to help prevent slippage that can result in injury. All of the AIREX balance pads are made from superior quality soft foam made especially for destabilizing the user.


    • Super soft specialty foam
    • Destabilizing properties
    • Textured surface for better grip (Balance Pad Elite)
    • Antibacterial agent- treated
    • 19” L x 16” W x 2 ½ “ H

    Additional Information

    A balance board can be incorporated into a number of exercises or routines both at home and in the gym or therapy facility. Exercises such as push-ups, squats, lunges, and 1- and 2-legged balance movements are ideal for use on balance trainers. AIREX balance pads can be used as a single balance trainer or multiples can be stacked in order to increase the level of destabilization to suit client needs.

    Do not wear shoes while standing on a balance pad. To clean the AIREX pad, simply wipe with a damp cloth or sanitizing wipe made for gym equipment and allow to dry. Balance pads can be easily stored by stacking and placing on a shelf or even hidden away underneath the bed.

    Take your clients’ regular floor workouts up a notch with a balance pad. Try incorporating an AIREX balance pad into your client’s workout or rehabilitation regimen and experience for yourself the wide variety of balance of stability benefits they offer.



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    AIREX Balance Pad Standard - Blue 81000 81000 -- -- $61.99
    AIREX Balance Pad Elite - Blue 81002 81002 -- -- $75.99
    AIREX Balance Pad Elite - Lava (Black) 81008 81008 -- -- $75.99


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