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    Although many people believe that kettlebell weights are just a new twist on dumbbells, they offer a completely different approach to working out. Traditional weights may still the best type of exercise equipment for building strength but you will improve your results in a number of key areas when you add kettlebells to your workout. The key to getting optimum results with a kettle bell is to do a variety of swing movements that increase the number of muscles used.

    How to Use a Kettlebell:

    • Incorporate swing movements into your workout for a more versatile workout
    • Use a 20 lb kettle bell to burn fat, build endurance, and gain strength
    • Perform higher, faster repetitions than with traditional weights


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    Power Systems offers a kettlebell for sale that is ideal for athletes and everyday exercisers who want better results from their efforts. We are the solution for any individual or fitness instructor who wants to know where to buy kettlebells that are durable enough for commercial use and versatile enough for someone who is new to fitness.


    • Traditional cast iron bell and handle
    • Handle size varies according to size and weight of kettlebells
    • Sold in weights of 5 pounds to 100 pounds so you choose the best kettlebells for your needs

    Additional Information

    These kettlebells are a Power Systems Brand product designed to improve overall body strength and fitness. They are the best kettlebells for performing kettlebell workouts and are also a good choice for performing traditional exercises like bicep curls and lateral raises.
    Working out with kettlebells will incorporate more muscles than traditional dumbbells and boost metabolism so you burn more calories. Other options include alternating between kettlebells and dumbbells to increase strength and athleticism or to look online for ideas on how to tweak your existing workout to make it more effective by using kettlebells.
    The kettlebells for sale at Power Systems also help you improve power endurance so that you are better at performing power movements and maintaining them for longer periods of time. If you are a fitness trainer looking for a kettlebell sale that will make it affordable to add kettlebell training to your classes, these kettlebells are made from sturdy cast iron for durability in commercial use.

    The kettlebells for sale at Power Systems are the ideal solution for adding basic exercise equipment to your classes that will get impressive results. Join the trend and give your students the real results that they have been waiting for.



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    Kettlebell 5 lbs 50201 50201 -- -- $20.39
    Kettlebell 8 lbs 50202 50202 -- -- $25.39
    Kettlebell 10 lbs 50203 50203 -- -- $30.69
    Kettlebell 12 lbs 50204 50204 -- -- $33.69
    Kettlebell 15 lbs 50205 50205 -- -- $36.69
    Kettlebell 18 lbs 50207 50207 -- -- $41.99
    Kettlebell 20 lbs 50209 50209 -- -- $43.99
    Kettlebell 25 lbs 50213 50213 -- -- $50.99
    Kettlebell 30 lbs 50214 50214 -- -- $55.99
    Kettlebell 35 lbs 50216 50216 -- -- $65.39
    Kettlebell 40 lbs 50217 50217 -- -- $72.39
    Kettlebell 45 lbs 50219 50219 -- -- $81.69
    Kettlebell 50 lbs 50221 50221 -- -- $91.69
    Kettlebell 55 lbs 50222 50222 -- -- $101.99
    Kettlebell 60 lbs 50223 50223 -- -- $111.99
    Kettlebell 70 lbs 50226 50226 -- -- $122.39
    Kettlebell 80 lbs 50228 50228 -- -- $132.39
    Kettlebell 90 lbs 50231 50231 -- -- $142.69
    Kettlebell 100 lbs 50233 50233 -- -- $152.99


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    1.Dave on 12/13/2016 great product and price! and fast service as usual
    2.Christopher on 12/6/2016 Arrived on time; good quality kettlebell!
    3.Jasper on 3/18/2014 I just received the 25 and 35 pound kettlebells (that i ordered thru oj commerce). first off, i already have 6 power systems kettlebells ranging from 15-90 pounds. i ordered another 25 and 35 to make a pair with my existing ones. i immediately noticed that there is a major difference in quality between this and my existing kettlebells. first, the 25 and 35 kettlebells were of a different shape and just looks off. the angle and the size were completely different from each other. second and most important, you can tell that they have switched to a different contractor and got a much lower bid. the paint job is horrible and it almost looks like these were used kettlebells that were painted over. it was uneven, thick on some areas and almost nothing in other areas. again, i already have 6 power systems kettlebells and i ordered from power systems because i like the quality. i could have easily gone to dick's or sports authority to pick up kettlebells but i wanted something better. this is very disappointing and its going straight to craigslist.
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    Showing comments 1-3 of 3
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