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    MEGA Slam Ball

    There are some similarities between medicine balls and slam balls but one very significant difference. While both are weighted balls that can be used to perform standard weight lifting exercises, a slam ball is made to withstand hard impacts from throwing exercises. The benefits of throwing a weighted ball include an increase in muscle mass and improvements in hand-to-eye coordination and cardiovascular endurance.

    Using a slam ball:

    • Improves athletic fitness
    • Adds interest to a crossfit workout
    • Is effective for both standard weight lifting exercises and throwing exercises


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    The Mega Slam Ball is a Power Systems brand! The weight ball is made with a rugged, textured surface that makes it easy to grip and gives it the strength to stand up to rough treatment. The benefits of using a slam ball go far beyond those obtained with a medicine ball for improved athletic training.


    • Available in 9 weight options from 10 pounds to 50 pounds
    • No-bounce, no-roll construction
    • Rugged, textured surface for easy grip

    Additional Information

    The Body Slam is the most common exercise performed with slam balls. To do it, stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. Lift the slam ball overhead and immediately slam it to the floor, using explosive movements in each direction.
    As the ball is thrown to the floor, lean towards it with your body without bending at the waist. Drop into a squat position while holding your head up with your chest and glutes held low. As soon as the ball hits the floor, scoop it up and drive back up explosively to a position where body and arms are fully extended.
    The body slam works your cardio and strengthens the abdominals, glutes, shoulders, quads, back and calves while also increasing calorie burn. Adding a weighted ball to your abdominal workout or to any weight lifting exercise in place of free weights will increase the impact on the area being worked. You can also use slam balls to do partner exercises such as rotational abdominal work or overhead passes. As you build strength, increase the weight of the ball you use.
    The Mega Slam Ball is made by Power Systems to provide you with a versatile piece of exercise equipment with a long life.



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    MEGA Slam Ball 10 lbs 25430 25430 -- -- $32.69
    MEGA Slam Ball 15 lbs 25432 25432 -- -- $37.69
    MEGA Slam Ball 20 lbs 25434 25434 -- -- $42.99
    MEGA Slam Ball 25 lbs 25435 25435 -- -- $47.99
    MEGA Slam Ball 30 lbs 25436 25436 -- -- $58.39
    MEGA Slam Ball 35 lbs 25437 25437 -- -- $63.39
    MEGA Slam Ball 40 lbs 25438 25438 -- -- $73.39
    MEGA Slam Ball 45 lbs 25439 25439 -- -- $78.39
    MEGA Slam Ball 50 lbs 25440 25440 -- -- $83.69


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    1.Glen on 5/2/2016 AWESOME PRODUCTS at an AMAZING price. Thank you so much for the sale and free shipping, better value than all other competitors! Ordered 2 - 25lb., 2 35lb., and one each of the 45 and 50lb balls. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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