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  • Pro Slide Board

    • Helps improve power, change-of-direction, balance, agility, speed, flexibility, and endurance with lateral training.
    • Rolls up for easy storage.
    • Comes with carry bag.


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    A Power Systems Brand! Improve power, change-of-direction, balance, agility, speed, flexibility, and endurance with lateral training. Our Pro Slide Board is a fix length, rolls up for easy storage, and can be secured with a nylon strap to fit in a carry bag. Use on any hard, flat surface. Carry bag included. 

    • Rolls up for storage
    • Secures with a nylon strap to fit in a carry bag
    • High-density polyethylene sliding surface with a nonskid backing
    • Unit includes board with attached ramps
    • 1 pair of standard booties
    • Length: 8'



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    Pro Slide Board - 8 Ft. Board w/ Booties 21161 21161 -- -- $189.39
    Pro Slide Board - Standard Booties (Men's sizes 5 - 12) 21215 21215 -- -- $21.39


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    1.Holly on 1/5/2014 I got this board with the standard booties. See my review for the booties. The board came with a carrying bag and has two ends attached. When I rolled out the board for the first time, The one side stayed down, but the other side did not. The side that does not stay flat on the floor and wants to curl has an addhesive strip on the back. I did not use the strip because I am not permanently affixing this somewhere. I am glad I got the 8 foot and not anything longer. I am 5'3". It takes some getting used to. People who roller blade would probably have an easier time adjusting than I did -- I never got into rollerblading. It is a slippery surface as expected, but as long as you slowly build your confidence, you should be ok. They recommend using the product with a spotter in case you do get out of control. If you pace yourself at a speed you know you can handle you should not have an issue. The one thing I have to do next time when I roll out the board is to make sure I wipe the surface of the board first. I used it right out of the box thinking that there wasn't any dust or little debris, but after taking the booties off I found out I was wrong. It may have slowed me down a bit, but I'm not sure. I wasn't real overly confident as it was my first time using it. If you are not affixing the board to something permanently, weigh down the end that wants to curl back up. I used two kettle bell handles and it worked perfectly to keep it in place. The board also comes with an instruction sheet that tells you how to do a variety of slides with your feet and upper body.
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