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    TRX Home Suspension Training Kit

    Suspension training has been growing in popularity as a method of functional training. This area of exercise includes the use of all types of exercise tools that require balance during movements. The idea behind suspension trainer exercises originated in the Navy SEALs and it uses the person’s body weight and gravity to develop strength, flexibility, and balance while also building a stronger core.

    Using Suspension Trainers:

    • Lets you take your workout anywhere you go
    • Increases muscular endurance
    • Strengthens the core
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    The TRX Home Suspension Training Kit trains every major muscle group. The home suspension trainer is designed specifically for use at home by people of all fitness levels. It is used by seniors, fitness enthusiasts, and pro athletes in a variety of sports areas. The TRX is a part of the training regimens of all four US Military branches and is used by athletes who compete at the Olympic level.


    • Quick set-up guide to get you started
    • Door anchor and suspension anchor for indoor/outdoor use
    • Includes access to 6 digital suspension strap workouts

    Additional Information

    Power Systems is proud to offer the TRX Home Suspension Training Kit to provide all types of people with the workout tool that has proven effective for coaches, athletes, and celebrities. This is a training tool that makes workouts more effective and fun. While suspension trainer exercises may not be the only type of exercise you perform, it will strengthen the core to make every other part of your workout more effective at increasing strength and athleticism. 
    Suspension trainer workouts focus on working the large muscle groups, adding endurance, stability and strength. Incorporating bodyweight into the workout also brings in smaller muscles used to balance and maintain coordination. In other words, a suspension trainer makes your workout more complex and engages more muscles so you get a better entire body workout in less time.
    The portability of the TRX home suspension trainer makes it easy to take the benefits of your home gym with you wherever you go. It is versatile enough for indoor/outdoor use and has lots of other advantages over using barbells to perform the same moves. Suspension strap workouts are safe enough for non-athletes to do and challenging enough for the most advanced pro athlete to incorporate into their workout routine.
    Suspension training began with the Navy SEALs and continues to be implemented by a number of groups who represent the epitome of physical fitness. No other workout method is as versatile with regards to the number and types of exercises you can use if for or for the fitness levels for which it is appropriate.
    Don’t miss out on this fun and portable piece of essential exercise equipment. Order your TRX Home Suspension training kit and get everything you need to get started.



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