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    Power Systems’ Foam rollers are an important adjunct to any athlete’s fitness regimen. They work through self-myofascial release, which is a technique that has been used successfully by professional athletes and therapists for decades. Advances in health research, improvements in technology and increasingly affordable materials have made the foam roller a popular tool for sports and fitness recovery and you can find the best foam rollers at Power Systems. This foam back roller, the Grid 2.0, is now available in a new 26”L option for greater versatility.

    Foam Roller Benefits:

    • Increased blood flow and range of motion
    • Reduced risk of injury and reduced pain
    • Faster recovery from injuries


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    These revolutionary foam rollers feature Distrodensity™, Matrix Technology and an environmentally friendly design. The three dimensional surface incorporates a variety of widths and depths, to simulate the hands of a massage therapies. The Grid 2.0 is now available in two lengths: 13” and 26”.


    • 26” in length
    • Available in orange or black

    Additional Information

    The Grid 2.0 exercise foam roller is used for self-massage by rolling through tight muscles and removing knots that impede the athlete’s movement. Select the 26”L foam exercise roller to easily accommodate the largest muscle groups, while the 13” foam roller is ideal for the on-the-go fitness enthusiast.
    High-density foam rollers are made of materials that can endure more pressure than softer rollers. Because of their firmness, high density foam tends to be more durable than standard foam. These might be a good option for someone who prefers a deeper massage. The rollers are best used before and after workouts to increase blood flow and help the muscles prepare for or recover from the workout. However if time is limited, your clients or students can use the Grid 2.0 before their workouts for about 5 minutes to get the most benefits. If you’re wondering where to buy a foam roller for your fitness facility, look no further than Power Systems Grid 2.0. While a foam roller will never completely replace the hands of a therapist, they are an excellent alternative for in between massage therapy sessions and for regular use at every workout.



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    The Grid 2.0 26" Orange 80258 80258 -- -- $66.99
    The Grid 2.0 26" Black 80259 80259 -- -- $66.99


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