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    Trainers, athletes, and physical therapists use foam rollers like the Rumble Roller to ease pain and tightness in the muscles. What makes the Rumble Roller stand out from the rest, though, is its carefully placed pattern of bumps that continuously knead the body's contours. The result? Quick relief to muscle pain and increased flexibility.

    Rumble Roller Benefits:

    • Evenly spaced bumps provide deep tissue massage
    • Resists bacteria and mold growth
    • Varying lengths and density options


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    The Rumble Roller is unique among foam rollers due to its pattern of bumps. These specially designed protrusions are firm, but flexible, making them remarkably close to a massage therapist's thumbs. When used correctly, this foam muscle roller gently stretches the back's soft tissue in multiple directions, eroding trigger points and relieving discomfort. Each bump is firmer than muscle tissue but softer than bone, which allows them to comfortably deflect if they come into contact with bony protrusions.


    • Evenly spaced bumps provide deep tissue massage
    • Infused with an antimicrobial additive to resist bacteria and mold
    • Available in 2 sizes: a 6" diameter for traditional body rolling and a 5" diameter for added portability
    • Available in 2 density options: firm and extra-firm
    • Available in 2 colors: blue and black

    Additional Information

    The best foam roller gives the user maximum control over the amount of pressure put on their muscles. When using the Rumbleroller, users can choose the amount of pressure they experience by shifting. By shifting position to decrease contact, users can increase pressure in specific areas, applying greater pressure and providing deeper relief.
    The Rumble Roller responds very differently to different types of movements. Each bump is asymmetrical, which results in an easier flex when rolling back and forth. When rocking side to side, however, the bumps create a deeper "digging" pressure, giving the user additional control over the type of massage he or she receives.
    When you're ready to buy a foam roller, the Rumble Roller is an ideal first choice. Its unique construction gives users maximum control over their experience, making it extremely effective in relieving muscle pain and tightness. Durable and simple to use, the Rumble Roller is a great choice for gyms, therapy facilities, and homes.



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    RumbleRoller 31"x6", Firm - Blue 80192 80192 -- -- $72.99
    RumbleRoller 31"x6", Extra-firm - Black 80193 80193 -- -- $72.99
    RumbleRoller 12"x5", Firm - Blue 80194 80194 -- -- $46.99
    RumbleRoller 12"x5", Extra-firm - Black 80196 80196 -- -- $46.99


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    1.David on 10/25/2012 Awesome! Better than any smooth roller I have used
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