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    TRX S-Frame

    Our TRX-S Frame is designed to help you carry out group suspension training sessions at your fitness facility, gym or rehabilitation center. Combine the frame with Power Systems’ TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit, which offers the perfect mix of gear for an effective and efficient workout. The TRX home suspension trainer builds strength, endurance, flexibility, core strength and balance. Your clients will leverage gravity and their own bodyweight to perform a wide variety of suspension exercises. Suspension trainers also save space in your facility over regular weight training machines, barbells and dumbbells.

    Suspension Trainers:

    • Provide overall resistance training for the entire body
    • Can be used anywhere
    • Adaptable to all fitness levels

    This product is available for order. To place your order, please call 1-800-321-6975.

    The TRX-S Frame is designed to support medium to large group training sessions. Power Systems modular, free-standing suspension trainer frame is available in two models: Standard (8’3” tall) or Elevated (9’ tall). The Elevated option includes built-in monkey bars. Every frame includes integrated Hammer and Dip bars and welded attachment points for heavy bags, bands, and ropes. Available in 5’, 10’, 15’, 20’, 25’, and 30’ configurations to meet your needs. Commercial grade steel construction designed for indoor and outdoor training. Add commercial grade castors for mobility (sold separately).


    • Two models: standard or elevated
    • Elevated option includes monkey bars
    • Both models include hammer and dip bars
    • Available in 5’, 10’, 15’, 20’, 25’, and 30’ configurations

    Additional Information

    TRX stands for movement. TRX believes in training movements, not muscles. With some of the best-in-class suspension trainers, workout programs and education outlets, your fitness enthusiasts will be able to achieve peak performance, reach their athletic goals and get the results they want.
    The TRX is used by trainers, athletes, and the US military. Thousands of people at all fitness levels train with the TRX.
    Trainers, coaches and rehabilitation specialists trust the TRX-S Frame and suspension training kit  to help their fitness enthusiasts reach their athletic goals. Having everything in one place means the workouts are fast and effective, and you can train more people in less time. Don’t forget that Power Systems also offers TRX training posters for use in your facility as well as instructional videos for home use.
    TRX restricts shipments outside of the US.



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    TRX S-Frame 5 Ft., Elevated 68321 68321 -- -- $2,986.99
    TRX S-Frame 10 Ft., Elevated 68322 68322 -- -- $3,707.99
    TRX S-Frame 15 Ft., Elevated 68323 68323 -- -- $4,428.99
    TRX S-Frame 20 Ft., Elevated 68324 68324 -- -- $5,149.99
    TRX S-Frame 25 Ft., Elevated 68325 68325 -- -- $5,870.99
    TRX S-Frame 30 Ft., Elevated 68326 68326 -- -- $6,591.99
    TRX S-Frame 5 Ft., Standard 68327 68327 -- -- $2,780.99
    TRX S-Frame 10 Ft., Standard 68328 68328 -- -- $3,347.99
    TRX S-Frame 15 Ft., Standard 68329 68329 -- -- $4,068.99
    TRX S-Frame 20 Ft., Standard 68330 68330 -- -- $4,789.99
    TRX S-Frame 25 Ft., Standard 68331 68331 -- -- $5,510.99
    TRX S-Frame 30 Ft., Standard 68332 68332 -- -- $6,231.99
    TRX S-Frame TTZ Castor (Set of 4) 68333 68333 -- -- $823.99


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