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    Hammer Strength Stability Ball

    One of the strongest balls in the industry, the Hammer Strength Stability Ball is a top quality exercise ball made to withstand the highest strength training demands. Unlike your typical yoga ball, this product will challenge the balance, stability and strength of your strongest athletes and clients.

    Benefits of the Hammer Strength Stability Ball:

    • Heavy-duty construction made to withstand up to 2,000 lbs (907 kg)
    • Inflates up to 75 cm
    • Specifically designed for strength training

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    The LifeFitness Hammer Strength Stability Ball is a must for any strength training routine. Its superior durability means it can withstand loads up to 2000 lbs without bursting—an important feature when you are working out with heavy weights. This workout ball inflates up to 75 cm, which is appropriate for most ball exercises.


    • Available in one size only
    • Inflates up to 75 cm
    • Burst-resistant rating of 2,000 lbs (907 kg)

    Additional Information

    Exercise balls (also called a stability ball, yoga ball or fitness ball) are among the most versatile and cost-effective items of equipment in any gym. Designed to improve strength, balance and posture, an exercise ball provides an added challenge to any workout.
    A stability ball is sometimes used to replace a bench during weight training. Requiring greater balance than when using a bench, the exercise ball causes you to engage core muscles. Training on an unstable surface makes more muscles in the upper body fire than they would on the floor or bench, leading to enhanced strength.
    Ball exercises to improve balance and strength include sitting on the ball during lateral raises, which fully engages the muscles in your core. You can also use the exercise ball to strengthen your lower body by using it for squats. Simply place the ball between a wall and your back, and lean against it as you drop into the squat then come back up.
    According to the American Council for Exercise, using a stability ball gives the entire trunk a workout during almost any exercise performed. So considering the indispensable benefits to your clients from use of a Hammer Strength Stability Ball, be sure one is included among your standard exercise equipment.



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