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    60" Premium Versa-Tube Long

    A Power Systems Brand!This extended-length version of our popular Premium Versa-Tube provides the resistance training you want, at an affordable price. This quality resistance training gear is robust enough to stand years of gym and fitness club use, but at a price so reasonable that it's perfect for home and travel use, too.

    Premium Versa-Tube Long:

    • A longer version of our famous Premium Versa-Tube product
    • Premium padded handles provide a safe, comfortable grip
    • Light and easily transportable for hotel use


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    Resistance exercise has long been considered the "great democratizer" of the exercise world, because it uses exercise bands that in many cases cost about the same as a one-month membership in a gym, while providing a tremendous workout. Resistance training exercises are remarkably, and the equipment used to perform them (one or more sets of resistance tubes with handles) are so light that you can enjoy a great workout anywhere.


    • Easy to travel with, and perfect for personal trainers doing in-home sessions
    • Tube length: 60 inches
    • Available in 6 different color-coded resistance levels
    • Also available as a kit containing all six resistance levels

    Additional Information

    The only limit to the number of great Versa-Tube resistance band exercises you can create is your own imagination. Their flexibility allows you to work out the same muscle groups you would be able to exercise using free weights or specialized machines, but at a fraction of the cost and in an easily-transportable form. Another advantage of exercise bands is that they allow a constant resistance over the full range of motion.
     At Power Systems, we provide a full range of Versa-Tube resistance bands, in the lengths and resistances you need. Naturally, we also carry all of the resistance training posters and instruction books you'll need to get started.



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    60" Premium Versa-Tube Long - Extra Light, Orange 84040 84040 -- -- $9.99
    60" Premium Versa-Tube Long - Light, Lime Green 84041 84041 -- -- $10.99
    60" Premium Versa-Tube Long - Medium, Red 84027 84027 -- -- $10.99
    60" Premium Versa-Tube Long - Heavy, Lt Blue 84042 84042 -- -- $12.99
    60" Premium Versa-Tube Long - Extra Heavy, Purple 84043 84043 -- -- $13.99
    60" Premium Versa-Tube Long - Ultra Heavy, Grey 84030 84030 -- -- $14.99
    60" Premium Versa-Tube Long - Kit, includes all 6 resistances 99962 99962 -- -- $73.99


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    1.Martin on 5/11/2017 Excellent product promptly delivered!
    2.George on 8/15/2013 When I tell people at the gym how much I paid they freak out. This is an outstanding product and will be an outstanding asset to anyone who wants to up their fitness routine.
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    Showing comments 1-2 of 2
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