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    TRX Rip Trainer

    Life comes at you from all angles, but the TRX Rip Trainer helps you prepare for anything. This innovate kit is designed to help you build dynamic, full body strength and power, so you can take on anything life throws your way. Additional strength resistance cords sold separate.

    • Innovative lever bar and resistance cord system provides a variable, asymmetric load
    • Scalable to all fitness levels
    • Can be used anywhere: just attach it to a secure anchor point


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    This TRX trainer kit includes everything you need to start building strength and endurance with the Rip trainer. The core of this kit is the Rip trainer itself. Consisting of a lever bar and resistance cord, the TRX Rip trainer allows you to engage in a variety of movements that build core strength, explosive power, and flexibility. The key is the variable, unbalanced load this trainer's unique construction provides. This TRX trainer beginner's kit includes a medium strength resistance cord, a carry bag, a basic training DVD, a user guide, a carabineer, a safety strap, and a door anchor.


    • Innovate bar and resistance cord system allows for movement in all dimensions
    • Interchangeable resistance bands provides access for all fitness levels
    • A carabineer, safety strap, and door anchor make it possible to train virtually anywhere

    Additional Information

    When you find a TRX Rip trainer for sale, you've found a piece of equipment that encourages movement in all directions. By attaching the resistance band to an anchor point and grabbing the bar, you can engage in movements that challenge your entire body. The DVD included in the kit takes you through a workout that will help you get the most out of what the TRX trainer has to offer.
    Because of the unique rotational power this type of equipment provides, the TRX trainer is a great choice for athletes interested in improving their performance. Building strength, endurance, and flexibility equates to heightened performance on the field or in the ring.
    Buy TRX for high quality equipment that can be used by just about any fitness level. Whether you're training to build strength, improve your endurance, or achieve a high level of performance, the TRX Rip trainer will help you meet your goals.



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    TRX Rip Trainer - Basic Kit 68183 68300-K1 -- -- $189.99
    TRX Rip Trainer Light Cord (15 lbs.) - CORD ONLY 68301 68300-LT -- -- $18.99
    TRX Rip Trainer Medium Cord (20 lbs.) - CORD ONLY 68302 68300-MD -- -- $20.99
    TRX Rip Trainer Heavy Cord (25 lbs.) - CORD ONLY 68303 68300-HV -- -- $22.99
    TRX Rip Trainer Extra Heavy Cord (38 lbs.) - CORD ONLY 68304 68300-XH -- -- $24.99
    TRX Rip Trainer XX-Heavy Cord (50 lbs.) - CORD ONLY 68305 68300-XX -- -- $24.99


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