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    The friction-fitting ergonomic handlebars of the Halo Trainer allows exercisers to control the level of stability when performing exercises using the trainer alone or when using it in tandem with a stability ball or BOSU ballast ball.

    Benefits of the Halo Trainer:

    • Friction-fitting ergonomic handlebar apparatus
    • Allows exercisers to control their level of stability while using the product by itself or together with a stability ball, BOSU ballast ball
    • Easy to assemble and disassemble for travel and storage
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    Constructed from heavy-gauge metal with thick, durable ergonomic rubber grips, the Halo Trainer can be used with exercise balls ranging from 55 cm to 65 cm and in conjunction with other bodyweight training equipment. It is a sturdy piece of fitness equipment, having undergone rigorous compression testing up to 800 lbs. It assembles and disassembles easily for ease of transportation and storage.

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    • Can be used with any 55 cm to 65 cm exercise ball
    • Heavy-gauge metal frame, with thick and durable ergonomic rubber grips
    • Easy click connectors make it easy to assemble
    • Tested up to 800 lbs
    • Width:  21” (53.3 cm)
    • Length: 24” (60.1 cm)
    • Height: 12” (30.5 cm)
    • Weight: 8 lbs (3.6 kg)

    Additional Information

    The Halo Trainer is an excellent item of core training equipment that can be used in conjunction with BOSU ball exercises, stability ball exercises, strength training exercises, fat burning exercises, and hip exercises, among others. It allows the user the ability to build strength gradually by adjusting the level of the trainer’s stability to provide increasingly greater challenges.
    When used alone, the Halo Trainer is ideal for performing exercises such as push-ups and plank, as it places your hands in the most ergonomic position. It is also good for helping strengthen the muscles of the hands and fingers, which becomes increasingly important was we age.
    Using the Halo Trainer with a stability ball or BOSU ball allows you to perform a greater range of exercises. Whether seated, lying on your side, prone, or inclined, the trainer will help stabilize the ball when you perform exercises using these types of fitness equipment.
    Useful for a variety of fitness levels and exercise classes, the HALO Trainer is a must for any gym facility. Try it today!

    Halo Training currently consists of 4 levels of difficultly for functional bodyweight training.

    Level 1
    This is an entry level to fitness. If you are reasonably healthy but have not really engaged in much physical activity, this is the level for you!

    Level 2
    This lever is a great next step in your fitness journey. If you have already been working out consistently, then Level 2 might just offer the challenge you are looking for.

    Level 3
    This is very challenging. Although it is not the hardest level, proceed with caution. Many exercises will require great core stabilization and upper/lower body strength to complete the challenges.

    Level 4
    This level is reserved for experience exercisers or competitive athletes. Many of the exercises require very fine control, great strength, and significant power.





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    1.Bryce on 7/13/2012 This product is deceivingly versatile with multiple applications in strength training, core stabilization, and flexibility whether used independently or in combination with other existing products already on the market. The level system that the Halo company came up with is great!
    2.Tracy on 7/5/2012 Highly overpriced however!!
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