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    The Ultimate Sandbag

    Nothing helps boost your athletic capacity and enhances your motor control like the Ultimate Sandbag, designed to meet the demands of daily training. Each sandbag shell is constructed from non-abrasive, high-quality materials and includes seven gripping options for long durability and better control.

    Benefits of the Ultimate Sandbag:

    • Exercises can be performed anywhere
    • Promotes functional fitness and stability
    • Increases grip strength
    • Inexpensive compared with most traditional equipment
    • Benefits both beginners and trained athletes
    • Can be used in combination with other workout equipment


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    The Power Package features 7-contour grip handles. The Strength and Advanced Packages have 5-contour grip handles and two end flaps. The end flaps are designed to roll for improving grip and are not meant to be used as handles. The Ultimate Sandbag includes a set of filler bags that are designed to hold sand or similar filler (not included), allowing you to customize the weight for each session. Comes with a training DVD, color workout poster and an instructional manual.


    • Power Package: 1 power shell (19” L x 9” W) and 2 filler bags (5 – 15 lb. capacity/bag). Maximum power shell capacity is 30 lbs.
    • Strength Package: 1 strength shell (27” L x 10” W) and 2 filler bags (20 – 40 lb. capacity/bag). Maximum strength shell capacity is 80 lbs.
    • Advanced Package: 1 advanced shell (27” L x 13” W) and 3 filler bags (20 – 40 lb. capacity/bag). Maximum advanced shell capacity is 120 lbs.

    Additional Information

    Sandbags have been used by elite athletes for years. Unlike a rigid barbell or dumbbell, because of their constantly shifting center of gravity, exercise sandbags activate more neurons and recruit more muscle fibers. This creates a greater challenge for your core muscles and provides you with a full-body workout.
    Start out with a lighter weight and work your way up to a heavier one. Men should start out with a sandbag of approximately 60 lbs and women 35 lbs. As you advance, men should be able to handle about 100 lbs and women 60 lbs.
    There are few more affordable items of exercise equipment to promote an all-around full-body workout than the Ultimate Sandbag. Try one today!



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    The Ultimate Sandbag Power Package Elite - Black 13581 13581 -- -- $102.99
    The Ultimate Sandbag Power Package Elite - Pink 13584 13584 -- -- $102.99
    The Ultimate Sandbag Strength Package Elite - Black 13582 13582 -- -- $133.99
    The Ultimate Sandbag Advanced Package Elite - Black 13583 13583 -- -- $175.99


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