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    Sandbells are a new kind of free weight to add to your fitness facility’s arsenal. Sandbell exercises offer variety, safety and comfort, while not taking up too much space in your gym or fitness center. A sandbell workout moves through multiple planes of motion, with many different directions and grip techniques, thus training the brain to develop new neural pathways for efficient movements.


    • Helps build stronger grip and burns more calories in the process.
    • Safe on floors, creates less noise, and will not roll away like traditional dumbbells.
    • Available in 7 different weight options.


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    What makes the SandBell different? It is a solid, static free weight option, unlike the dumbbell, medicine ball, and kettlebell that have been around for centuries. The patented SandBell neoprene sand disc sandbag's weight shifts with every movement you make, making your workout more effective in a shorter amount of time. You can work more muscles at one time as the sand shifts with each movement. It helps build your grip, burn more calories, and you will have more fun with each workout. It is so versatile and affordable there is no reason why it shouldn't be an essential piece of equipment in your everyday routine!


    • Safe for floors
    • 1 year limited warranty
    • SandBells are sold empty (Funnel not included/ fill material not included)
    • Colors may vary
    • Available in 7 different weight options

    Additional Information

    There are so many ways to use the Power Systems SandBell. You can slam it, perform wall balls, partner toss, thrusters, soft kettlebell swings, squats, Russian twists, and that is just the beginning. Be as rough as you want with it, because the soft features help create less noise. Avoid sharp edges that could puncture the bag.
    SandBells are an ideal addition to a small studio because they don’t take up much space. They can be used in combination with each other to create heavier loads, and can even eliminate the need for dumbbells.
    If your clients are used to barbells and dumbbells, you should spend some time with them helping them get used to the different feeling of sandbell workouts. With practice, they will really enjoy the variety of movements and exercises you can do with them.

    How to fill your SandBell:

    Learn more about the SandBell:



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    SandBell 6 lbs. 13389 13389 -- -- $17.39
    SandBell 8 lbs. 13391 13391 -- -- $21.39
    SandBell 10 lbs. 13392 13392 -- -- $26.39
    SandBell 12 lbs. 13394 13394 -- -- $31.69
    SandBell 15 lbs. 13396 13395 -- -- $38.69
    SandBell 20 lbs. 13398 13396 -- -- $50.99
    SandBell 25 lbs. 13400 13400 -- -- $60.99
    SandBell 30 lbs. 13402 13402 -- -- $74.39
    SandBell 40 lbs. 13404 13404 -- -- $94.69
    SandBell 50 lbs. 13406 13406 -- -- $104.99


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    1.Chuck on 4/14/2017 Quality is good, didnt read the small print ,Doesnt come filled. Had to buy a long neck funnel and cut it . Almost all the way filled it weighed 13.5 lbs. next time buying local already filled.
    2.Gina on 8/28/2014 I use the SandBells daily in my small fitness studio for women. The dynamic, shifting weight engages the core while the pliability of the exterior make the weight easy to grip and fun to use. I purchased 6, 8, 12, 15 and 20 lb SandBells without the sand and filled them myself (easy!) to save on shipping costs.
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    Showing comments 1-2 of 2
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