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    Strengthening your cardiovascular system is a must to increase health and athletic performance. An exercise step provides an engaging and enjoyable path to a well-rounded fitness routine. Equip your gym or home with exercise steps to introduce step aerobics to your clients, customers, or family.

    Benefits of Exercise Steps:

    • Promotes cardiovascular and muscular endurance
    • Incorporates upper and lower body movement to build strength
    • Burns calories and assists in weight loss goals


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    The FreeStyle Step is an attractive and durable aerobics step suitable for both gym and home use. The platform itself features a cushioned surface, providing maximum traction and comfort. Supplement the step with Freestyle risers, which allow for three positions: flat, horizontal, and vertical slant. This stair stepper is available in two color combinations: gray and black and red and black.


    • Comfortable cushioned surface
    • Risers allow for varying positions
    • Available in two color combinations

    Additional Information

    Step aerobics are a fun and engaging cardiovascular workout that appeals to many gym goers. Exercise steppers can be adjusted to several different heights, providing varying levels of challenge to accommodate for different fitness levels. Exercising with a fitness step encourages cardiovascular fitness, improved strength, and improved endurance, all while providing a fun experience for people who may be new to regular exercise.

    Exercising with a stair stepper can be an effective alternative to athletes or fitness enthusiasts suffering from injuries. As long as the step is at the correct height and proper technique is followed, step aerobics can provide a low-impact cardiovascular workout that does not put much impact on the joints. A high quality stepper (like the Freestyle Step) provides a comfortable stepping surface with plenty of traction, further reducing the risk of additional strain and impact.

    A routine based on an exercise step does not need to take up much room, making it a great choice for anyone interested in exercising at home. This compact size also makes step aerobics an accessible group exercise option for small gym spaces. The Freestyle Step aerobic step is durable and easy to store, so even gyms with storage constraints can easily keep them on hand.

    An exercise step provides an accessible and effective cardiovascular workout to a wide range of users, making them a must-have in any gym or fitness center.



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    FreeStyle Step Gray/Black 91145 91145 -- -- $123.99
    FreeStyle Step Red/Black 91144 91144 -- -- $123.99
    FreeStyle Step Risers (Gray) 91146 91146 -- -- $51.99


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    1.Lida on 10/12/2016 We ordered 30 Free Style Steps - Black/Gray only 3 years ago and been using them only 5xweek for one hour each time. While the steps appear as new, the majority of them have lost the disks on the bottom. Disks get loose and end up inside the hallow part of the steps. Without all 4 disks on the bottom these steps have become slippery and unsafe for our members to use, hence useless unless we place them on the raisers. We looked for repair kits without any success. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Needles to say we have not have this problem with the Original Health Club Steps - Black/Green we've had for over 5 years.
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