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    HydroPower Bag

    The Hydropower Bag can take your strength gains to a whole new level. Easily change stability level and resistance of your activity by adding or removing water. Includes removable handles that increase the functionality for Olympic-style lifts, curls and rows. Available in two sizes. Small: 29.5"Lx7"dia., holds 20kgs. (44 lbs.) water; Large: 29.5"Lx10"dia., holds 35 kgs. (77 lbs.) water.

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    HydroPower Bag Small 13564 13562-20 -- -- $115.99
    HydroPower Bag Large 13566 13562-30 -- -- $122.99


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    1.Wally on 6/12/2016 Air is forced inside the bag in order to compress, giving it the "feel" and "firmness" that you require. The air CANNOT be controlled when inflating it, IMPOSSIBLE to remove the pump and then plug it up fast enough so even though you can get a "fair" amount of air in it, the air LEAKS OUT after a about 3-4 days and loses its firmness - a BIG problem having to put air back in every wee k or so (just like a martial arts water bag that I used for years - and it KEPT the air in and I NEVER had to re-do it). AND, even though I have bleach in the water, it STINKS like mildew after 2 weeks.
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