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    Competition Kettlebell

    Power Systems brand kettlebells are ideal for training for a kettleball competition or for personal fitness alike. What is a competition kettlebell? It’s a kettlebell with regulation handles, no need for paint stripping, and superior steel construction, and you won’t find better competition kettlebells anywhere else.

    Competition kettlebells:

    • Steel kettlebell all the same physical size and shape.
    • Unpainted steel handle allows for ease of movement.
    • Available in 16 different weight options.


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    A Power Systems Brand! With traditional kettlebells, typically the heavier the bell the bigger the base. Our steel kettlebells are all the exact same physical size and shape but range in weight from 8 kg to a whopping 48 kg! This creates consistency in your movement pattern and helps you train better for technique. A different color marks the kettlebell weights for easy identification. The unpainted handle allows for ease of movement as well as chalk application. With the competition kettlebell you will notice how the handle aligns straight up and down with the bell to help minimize fatigue during sets, instead of angled like in the traditional kettlebell.


    • Solid steel construction
    • Handle: 1 3/8"
    • Unpainted steel handle for improved grip and chalk application (chalk sold separately)
    • Colors may vary
    • Available in 16 different weight options

    Additional Information

    The handles of traditional kettlebells become larger and thicker with increasing weight. The smaller handle and consistency across weights of our competition kettlebells allow women and men with smaller hands to better grasp heavier weights. This also allows for consistency in form to help you train better.

    You can perform all of the traditional kettlebell exercises such as Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, Kettlebell Swings, Cleans, Figure Eights, Snatches, and much more with our competition-grade kettle bells. If you prefer the look and feel of traditional kettlebells, we also offer that type of kettlebell for sale on our site.

    Power Systems brand products are of premium quality at an affordable price. Our competition kettlebells for sale at power-systems.com are no exception. If you’re looking for the best kettlebell at the best possible price, look no further than the Power Systems brand.



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    Competition Kettlebell Single - 8 kg., Pink 50481 50481 -- -- $58.39
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 10 kg., Sky Blue 50482 50482 -- -- $63.39
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 12 kg., Blue 50483 50483 -- -- $68.39
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 14 kg., Light Brown 50484 50484 -- -- $74.39
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 16 kg., Yellow 50485 50485 -- -- $84.69
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 18 kg., Light Purple 50486 50486 -- -- $89.69
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 20 kg., Purple 50487 50487 -- -- $94.69
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 22 kg., Light Green 50488 50488 -- -- $99.99
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 24 kg., Green 50489 50489 -- -- $104.99
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 26 kg., Black 50490 50490 -- -- $110.99
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 28 kg., Orange 50491 50491 -- -- $121.39
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 32 kg., Red 50492 50492 -- -- $141.69
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 36 kg., Gray 50493 50493 -- -- $157.99
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 40 kg., White 50494 50494 -- -- $179.39
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 44 kg., Silver 50495 50495 -- -- $220.99
    Competition Kettlebell Single - 48 kg., Gold 50496 50496 -- -- $262.99


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    1.john on 4/19/2017 Power Systems Competition Kettlebells are among the best available, from my standpoint. They meet all the specifications of IUKL and GSU organizations. They are not only great for the competition lifts, but the handle window is large enough for the two handed work (swings, both "Russian" and "American") that is so popular today in the Fitness world. Good job, PS !
    2.Mary on 2/8/2017 Handles are too wide. Hard to hold for goblet squats
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    Showing comments 1-2 of 2
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