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    Basic Power Medicine Ball

    For thousands of years, the medicine ball has been used to maintain fitness and health. Modern medicine ball workouts have the same goal in mind. With a variety of uses, they can also be incorporated with other exercise equipment for a tailored workout session based on unique health needs and fitness goals.

    Medicine balls:

    • Add a challenge to stale workout routines
    • Improve strength and coordination
    • Available in 11 different weights


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    A Power Systems Brand! The Basic Power Medicine Ball is a great medicine ball for sale at a budget-conscious price. Our medicine balls are made of a durable textured surface that makes them easy to hold, toss, catch or bounce. Power Systems offers the Basic Medicine Ball in a large selection of weights to accommodate a variety of therapeutic needs and exercise levels.


    • Hollow synthetic rubber construction allows balls to bounce
    • 1 year limited warranty
    • Color coded by weight
    • Durable textured surface

    Ball Weight and Color:

    • 2 lbs.- Yellow/Gray: 7" diam
    • 4 lbs.- Green/Gray: 7.5" diam
    • 6 lbs.- Blue/Gray: 9" diam
    • 8 lbs.- Orange/Gray: 9" diam
    • 10 lbs.- Red/Gray: 9" diam
    • 12 lbs.- Purple/Gray: 11" diam
    • 15 lbs.- Black/Gray: 11" diam
    • 18 lbs.- Black/Gray: 11" diam
    • 20 lbs.- Black/Gray: 11" diam
    • 25 lbs.- Black/Gray: 11" diam
    • 30 lbs.- Black/Gray: 11" diam

    Additional Information

    Bouncing a medicine ball back and forth between two people or against a wall is a fun and interesting way to boost fitness, shoulder strength and coordination. Lifting or tossing a weighted medicine ball incorporates functional movements to increase strength and movement in exercisers. A rubber medicine ball can also be used as a destabilizer in push-ups, lunges and more!

    Typically, beginners should start off with lighter weighted balls, while heavy medicine balls are better for more advanced exercisers and for working larger muscles. The following are just some of the countless medicine ball exercises using the best medicine ball weight suggestions to try with your clients:

    • 2-6 lbs.- Beginners: One-handed exercises.
    • 8-12 lbs.- Intermediate: Two-handed throws and passing exercises.
    • 15-18 lbs.- Advanced: Two-handed throws, passing exercises and strength exercises.
    • 20-30 lbs.- Advanced: Strength exercises and total body throws.


    Power Systems workout equipment is top quality and our basic line of medicine balls are no exception. Take a look at these and other medicine balls for sale at Power Systems and incorporate them into your clients’ or your own fitness equipment collection or rehabilitation plan and see the difference.



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    Basic Power Medicine Ball 2 lbs. - yellow/gray 25234 25234 -- -- $21.39
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 4 lbs. - green/gray 25236 25236 -- -- $26.39
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 6 lbs. - blue/gray 25238 25238 -- -- $36.69
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 8 lbs. - orange/gray 25240 25240 -- -- $47.99
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 10 lbs. - red/gray 25242 25242 -- -- $52.99
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 12 lbs. - purple/gray 25244 25244 -- -- $63.39
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 15 lbs. - black/gray 25246 25246 -- -- $68.39
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 18 lbs. - black/gray 25248 25248 -- -- $79.39
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 20 lbs. - black/gray 25252 25252 -- -- $89.69
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 25lbs. - black/gray 25254 25254 -- -- $99.99
    Basic Power Medicine Ball 30 lbs. - black/gray 25256 25256 -- -- $116.39


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    1.Mary on 8/27/2011 This is a great medicine ball. I am an advanced fitness finatic but I have never worked out with a medicine ball so I wasn't sure what pound should I purchase. The 6 pound was just fine. After doing a few exercises, it got very challenging and felt great. Of course with proper form. VERY IMPORTANT! This medicine ball is great because you don't have to worry about inflating it, etc...it is great quality, doesn't smell bad like many cheap medicine ball. This is a must have! Thanks Power Systems.
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