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    Power Systems offers training equipment and educational programming designed to increase speed, agility, quickness, and strength. Our agility cones form part of a complete arsenal of foot and agility training equipment for your facility. Keep your athletes on the winning edge of performance by utilizing our agility cones in your football training drills.

    Using Agility Cones:

    • Train for explosive acceleration and deceleration
    • Help build quicker cuts on the track or field
    • Add a range of options to cone drills and speed training drills
    • Are lightweight and stackable
    • Are available in 4 sizes


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    A Power Systems Brand! Our Agility Cones feature a variety of height options. Adds variety to speed and agility training. These cones are lightweight and durable, and stack easily to get them out of the way. Agility cones help improve overall speed and agility.


    • Hard PVC
    • Color: Orange
    • Comes in 4 different sizes: 6" H, 9" H, 12" H, 15" H
    • Sold individually

    Additional Information

    Agility cones from Power Systems help your athletes build explosive acceleration and deceleration for that extra edge during competition. The cones help your clientele focus on running form, quick step movements and body control, leading to rapid development in their training. You can also use agility cones to simulate game-like cuts, helping athletes develop the footwork needed to change direction more quickly and effectively.
    To use the cones, you can place them in a variety of patterns, some intended to improve speed and others focused on enhancing agility, power or endurance.  For speed training, run the patterns as quickly as possible. For agility training, focus less on speed and more on performing isolated movement skills using a combination of coordination and balance.
    For power training, set up the cones on progressively higher platforms. Jumping over them in an explosive fashion is an excellent exercise to build power, and is particularly effective for athletes who are training in the high jump and long jump as well as other track and field sports.
    Finally, for endurance training, set up the cones progressively further apart. Run back and forth between the cones and do not rest. This exercise is particularly useful for triathletes.



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    Agility Cones 6" 30906 30906 -- -- $2.69
    Agility Cones 9" 30909 30909 -- -- $2.99
    Agility Cones 12" 30912 30912 -- -- $3.99
    Agility Cones 15" 30915 30915 -- -- $4.69


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