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    Elite Stability Ball Wall Storage Rack

    Stability balls are a great addition to all types of fitness classes but they can be difficult to manage. When not in use, they take up a lot of space and can easily get in the way. If stability balls are a part of your Pilates classes, on-the-wall storage may be the best way to keep them out of the way and take advantage of your available space.

    Using a Wall Rack:

    • Allows you to keep your essential Pilates or yoga equipment off the floor
    • Adds an attractive design to your facility that is also highly functional
    • Prevents you from taking up valuable floor space

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    The Elite Stability Ball Wall Storage Rack is a Power Systems Brand product! The rack is made of metal and hangs on the wall to keep stability balls organized and readily accessible. Whenever a client needs a balance ball for class, they can easily identify the ball they need and retrieve it. The open design of the rack displays the balls so they can easily be identified by color or size.


    • Gray metal design
    • Holds up to 4 Elite Stability balls
    • 96” OC holes
    • 99" L x 28" W

    Additional Information

    When you order the Power Systems equipment that you need for your facility, be sure to check out of the tools we offer to keep your equipment organized and out-of-the-way. Storing every piece of equipment from the smallest medicine ball to the largest resistance ball is essential for the safety and convenience of your clients.
    Many fitness facilities lack the storage space needed to keep all of their equipment organized and easy to access. The Elite Stability Ball Wall Storage Rack makes it easier to keep some of your larger pieces of equipment organized by letting you take up wall space where it is most convenient for you. When every inch of floor space is needed for exercise activities, adding a large, cluttered storage rack just isn’t an option.
    The wall rack isn’t just a good idea for exercise facilities. It can be used in your home gym to store all of your stability balls that you use for different types of exercise. Instead of trying to compromise by using the same ball for all of your exercises, find a storage option that makes it just as convenient to have the right ball for every need.
    Resistance balls increase the impact of all types of exercises by making you maintain your balance while performing the movements. They can increase range-of-motion and increase the number of muscles you use to workout. Having a good selection will ensure every participant has the right size ball for safe and effective exercise.
    The Elite Stability Ball Wall Storage Rack is a sturdy and visually appealing way of keeping your collection of stability balls organized and out of the way.



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