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    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only

    You already know that Power Systems resistance cables are remarkably easy to learn to use, and allow you to create a remarkable range of exercises using a single piece of equipment. Resistance cables also offer flexibility to your exercise schedule because if you throw them into your suitcase when you travel, you can exercise anywhere. So if you are looking for an inexpensive, portable, and flexible piece of exercise equipment – for your home or for your professional gym or workout classes – try the Lifeline fitness cable.

    Resistance Cables:

    • Provide overall strength training for the entire body
    • Are lightweight and easy to store and carry
    • Are a low-cost way to resistance train


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    Lifeline Fitness Cables are built using Progressive Layering Technology ™. Add a pair of Triple Grip Handles and Assist Strap to our lifeline resistance band and you have an incredibly effective resistance training system for head to toe.


    • Made with Progressive Layering Technology ™
    • Available in resistances from 10 lbs to 100 lbs
    • Handles and straps sold separately

    Additional Information

    The Power Systems Lifeline fitness cable allows you to work out all of the same muscle groups you would be able to exercise using free weights or specialized machines at the gym. For example, you can stand on one end of the fitness tube and pull upwards to do bicep curls. If you secure the band to the upper frame of a door, you can pull down to perform pulldowns or triceps pushdowns. Wrap the tube around a vertical pole, and you can work on your chest, emulating the motions of butterfly presses. You can even use them in conjunction with other equipment. The only limit to the number of resistance band exercises you can create is your own imagination.

    Tubing Level Resistance and Color Table
    Tube LevelResistanceColor
    Level 110 lbs.Teal
    Level 220 lbs.Purple
    Level 330 lbs.Pink
    Level 440 lbs.Magenta
    Level 550 lbs.Orange
    Level 660 lbs.Red
    Level 770 lbs.Yellow
    Level 880 lbs.Green
    Level 990 lbs.Blue
    Level 10100 lbs.Black



    Part No.

    Item No.

    Ship Weight

    Ship Dimensions


    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 2 - Purple 67558 67556-C2 -- -- $7.99
    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 1 - Teal 67557 67556-C1 -- -- $6.99
    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 3 - Pink 67559 67556-C3 -- -- $8.99
    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 4 - Magenta 67560 67556-C4 -- -- $9.99
    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 5 - Orange 67561 67556-C5 -- -- $10.99
    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 6 - Red 67562 67556-C6 -- -- $11.99
    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 7 - Yellow 67563 67556-C7 -- -- $13.99
    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 8 - Green 67564 67556-C8 -- -- $15.99
    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 9 - Blue 67565 67556-C9 -- -- $17.99
    Lifeline Fitness Cable Only Level 10 - Black 67566 67556-CX -- -- $19.99


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