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    Brower TC Motion Start Timer

    Track and field athletes rejoice! Power Systems offers you a complete timing solution with the Brower PC Motion Start timer. The wireless device shows 3 lines of timing data (split, split interval and cumulative) in an LCD display. Stores up to 9 split intervals and 199 cumulative in its memory recall. This circuit training timer includes a handheld device with 1000 ft. range to give you the freedom to move around.

    The Motion Start Timer:

    • Detects and transmits the athlete’s first motion
    • Records intervals, times, contacts and more
    • Is handheld and portable
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    The Brower PC fitness timer from Power Systems is accurate to 1/100 or 1/1000th of a second. Fully automatic, hands-free usage for self-timing. Additional sensors can be set up to record split times. This high-quality exercise timer includes a “Count Mode” to record number of contacts in 30, 45, or 60 seconds. You’ll find 5 selectable radio channels for multiple systems at one location. Portable for use indoors or outdoors. Made in USA. Includes timer, 2 infrared electric eyes with built-in transmitter, 2 tripods, TC Motion Start, batteries, and carry case.


    • Touchless, wireless sensor that detects and transmits on an athlete’s first motion
    • Works for standing , 3 point, or 4 point starting positions
    • Operates on any surface: track, grass, or turf
    • Non mechanical; will not wear out with use.
    • Smaller size than existing TC Start Pod, fits in existing bag
    • Compatible with all previous TC Systems

    Additional Information

    Fitness testing and measurement are an important part of any athletic program. Ideal for use by sports coaches and personal trainers, this circuit timing trainer is the most complete timing system you’ll ever need. It can be used to monitor athletes’ results including sprint times, hurdle clearances, approach runs and more.

    The Power Systems Brower PC Motion Start Timer System Includes 4 Starting Methods:

    1. Pressure Release Start - Timing begins when pressure is taken off pad
    2. Countdown Start - Timing begins after 3 beep countdown
    3. Impact Start - Timing begins when pad is struck (ideal for flying starts)
    4. Sound Start - Timing begins on loud sound



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    1.Stanley on 3/23/2016 Would be nice to have a PC interface to port times directly into computer
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