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    Body Bar FLEX

    Beginners to exercise can find traditional equipment intimidating. The Body Bar Flex is a safe, accessible, and flexible workout bar perfect for beginners, kids, and seniors.

    Body Bar Benefits:

    • Lightweight and flexible
    • Improves strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance
    • Perfect for beginners, kids, and seniors


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    Getting started with an exercise program and keeping in shape while aging is simple with the Body Bar Flex. This flexible weighted bar provides resistance to a variety of body weight exercises, allowing users to build strength, increase their range of motion, and improve their balance. Its flexibility and light weight also make it useful in sport-specific exercises (particularly golf, baseball, and basketball), as well as in rehab and physical therapy environments. Finally, its ability to help strengthen the core provides stabilization in the entire body, allowing users of all ages to stay active, strong, and independent.


    • Easy grip rubber reduces drops and slips
    • Each rod contains fiberglass, allowing the bar to flex
    • Two different weights available: 5 lbs and 10 lbs

    Key specifications:

    • Length: 4'
    • Bar color: black

    Additional Information

    Flexible weighted bars are amenable to a number of different types of exercise. Users of all fitness levels can use this bar while completing movements on the floor, while sitting, and while standing to complete a total-body workout. With regular use, users can increase their balance, mobility, and control. Exercises based on the Body Bar Flex focus on alignment, breathing, and form, allowing simple movements to have a notable impact on the strength of the back and abs. The result is a larger range of movement and greater stability and balance.

    Many fitness newcomers find weighted exercise bars less intimidating than traditional exercise equipment. Routines based around the Body Bar Flex help to build strength gently. When used correctly, exercisers of all ages can build strength and endurance without risking over-exertion or injury, making this type of workout bar a great choice for gyms and therapy centers that cater to a wide range of age and fitness levels.

    The Body Bar Flex is a unique and easy to use exercise tool perfect for a variety of users. Use it in your fitness or therapy center to introduce a new group of members or patients to the benefits of strength building.



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