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    Foam rollers have been growing in popularity among athletes in recent years, for many reasons. As the name suggests, they are round tubes of foam that look and act like a rolling pin, only instead of dough, you use them to roll the aches and pains out of your muscles after a hard workout. This helps because exercise burns glucose and glycogen as its fuel, and leaves behind a byproduct called lactic acid. This is what produces the pain or "burn" you feel the day after a hard workout.
    To get rid of the pain, you could hire a masseuse or, if that's out of your budget, you can practice self-massage using the inexpensive, travel-friendly The Grid foam roller from Power Systems. This high-density foam roller comes in several sizes and configurations, and allows you to roll the knots out of your tired muscles.

    Power Systems offers several types of The Grid foam rollers:

    • Grid – 13 inches long, in either orange or black
    • The Grid X Foam Roller – same size, but twice as firm as the original for massaging denser muscles in the calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, back, and lats
    • The Grid 2.0 – 26 inches long, in either orange or black, for massaging larger muscle groups (such as your whole back) at once
    • The Grid STK – can be used seated or standing to relieve minor aches or pains


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    The Grid foam roller's unique design features Distrodensity™ zones, Matrix Technology, and an environmentally friendly design, all in a compact, easily transportable format. It can be used almost anywhere to perform self-massage and eliminate the aches and pains that often follow a hard workout. The best foam rollers promote the flow of blood and oxygen to overused muscles, the very nutrients they need to repair themselves.


    • All Grid rollers are 6 inches in diameter, are water-resistant, and easy to clean
    • Choose the 13" size for on-the-go use or the 26" size for larger muscle groups
    • Three-dimensional surfaces in the Grid X replicate the feel of a masseur's hands
    • The Grid X is tested to support up to 550 pounds

    Additional Information

    Power Systems grid rollers make the most of myofascial release, a technique that incorporates gentle, continuous pressure on the tissues, while simultaneously applying traction to the fascia. The resulting softening and lengthening of the fascia helps break down scar tissue and any adhesions that may have developed between muscles, skin and bone. The use of our rollers for self-massage is an inexpensive and effective way to achieve these benefits and improve your overall fitness experience.



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    The Grid 13" Orange 80248 80248 -- -- $41.99
    The Grid 13" Black 80249 80249 -- -- $41.99


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    1.Amy on 9/14/2011 Absolutely amazing! Best roller I've used, and it builds core strength. Also, VERY easy to travel with!
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