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    kor Kettleball

    A kettlebell workout brings in more muscles for a more effective strength-training than you will get with traditional weights and weight-lifting machines. They can also reduce the amount of time you spend working out. Kor Kettleball Kettlebells makes kettlebell training less intimidating than traditional cast iron kettlebells. The pliable construction and molded handle give you a firm yet comfortable grip that will improve your rotation.

    Performing Kettlebell Workout Routines:

    • Burns more fat in less time
    • Taps into a wide range of muscle groups
    • Works your core muscles and improves posture


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    Kor Kettleball Kettlebells are a Power Systems brand product that allows you to get the same results as you would get with traditional cast iron kettlebells without the intimidation. If the appearance of big, clunky cast iron kettlebells has prevented you from giving them a try, you are certain to find the Kor Kettleball more appealing. Kettlebell workouts help you improve overall strength while also increasing weight loss and creating a leaner, firmer body. Kettlebells come in a variety of weights, making them a good workout tool for men and women alike. The pliable surface of Kor Kettleball Kettlebells makes it a more attractive workout tool that is also kinder to floors.


    • Available in 9 different weights
    • Durable, molded handle provides a solid grip for smooth rotation
    • Uniformly sized for consistent technique development

    Additional Information

    These award-winning kettlebells from Power Systems are designed to give you the same great results athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been enjoying with traditional kettlebells for years. They offer an advantage over dumbbells by making you maintain proper form as you perform the movements. This allows you to work and strengthen core muscles that support your entire body.
    Kettlebells can be used to add resistance to basic exercises such as bicep curls or squats but they are most beneficial when used to perform kettlebell exercises that are multi-dimensional. Heavier weights can be used when performing exercises for the lower body while the lighter weights can be used for exercises that focus on the arms.
    The Power Systems Kor Kettleball Kettlebells have color coded handles to identify the level of use each is appropriate for. This offers the versatility needed to use in a commercial setting to accommodate a wide range of users.
    Kettlebells are quickly becoming a significant part of more training routines for all types of fitness buffs. The Kor Kettleball takes kettlebell training to the next level by offering a piece of exercise equipment that is aesthetically pleasing and less intimidating than those traditionally seen in commercial settings. If kettlebell exercise is something new that you have been thinking about trying, the Kor Kettleball is designed to give you the best results for your efforts.
    Now is the time to try Kor Kettleball Kettlebells from Power Systems to enhance your workout at any level.

    Winner of the 2009 Top Gear of the Year Award!


    • Yellow = Beginner
    • Orange = Intermediate
    • Blue = Advanced 



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    kor Kettleball 5 lbs. Yellow 50178 50178 -- -- $52.99
    kor Kettleball 8 lbs. Yellow 50180 50180 -- -- $58.39
    kor Kettleball 10 lbs. Orange 50182 50182 -- -- $63.39
    kor Kettleball 12 lbs. Orange 50184 50184 -- -- $68.39
    kor Kettleball 15 lbs. Orange 50186 50186 -- -- $74.39
    kor Kettleball 20 lbs. Blue 50188 50188 -- -- $89.69
    kor Kettleball 25 lbs. Blue 50190 50190 -- -- $104.99
    kor Kettleball 30 lbs. Blue 50192 50192 -- -- $116.39
    kor Kettleball 35 lbs. Blue 50194 50194 -- -- $126.39


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