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    Smart Hurdles are versatile speed and agility equipment that benefits coaches and athletes alike. There are five sizes to choose from and the simple, lightweight design allows you to set up quickly with the support of a single rotating leg. The training hurdles stay in place, even if you use them on uneven turf. These features make it easy to implement the specific equipment you need at any time or place. The goal of the Smart Hurdle is to simplify training while also reducing the need for excess storage space.

    Using Agility Training Equipment:

    • Improves foot speed
    • Aids in agility
    • Helps knee lift


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    Power Systems offers five choices in a variety of quantity and size combinations of the speed hurdles to accommodate coaches with the variety of agility training equipment they need for a variety of training exercises. This provides the ideal fit for every type of training session. The smaller sizes can be used for lateral drills while the larger sizes increase cardio and aid in knee lift. Coaches in a wide array of sports incorporate training hurdles into their workouts to increase speed and agility.


    • Available in 5 different quantity/height combinations
    • Lightweight with a single rotating leg
    • 3-Point base system keeps it in place

    Additional Information

    Athletes in football, soccer, tennis, field hockey and more can get immediate benefits through agility training to increase their athletic performance. The ability to maneuver quickly and freely is essential to athletes in almost every sport played. The flexibility offered by the various heights of the Smart Hurdle will expand the number of training configurations that can be used by simply making the transition to the appropriate height for the practice. Once the training session is over, the speed hurdles are quickly folded flat and placed out of the way.
    The Smart Hurdle combines versatility, durability, and ease of transport and storage in a single effective product that works in a wide variety of training situations. The PVC construction ensures your speed and agility equipment will be around for a long time. The 3-point base system keeps it in place while lightweight construction makes it easy to transport and store.
    Your choice in these training hurdles includes sets of 6 each of 6” or 12” hurdles in addition to three sets of 3 adjustable hurdles that vary from 12” to 42” in overall height. The lightweight construction and easy handling of these hurdles make them a good choice for all levels of athletes from young beginners to more experienced competitors.
    The Smart Hurdle offers five choices in quantity and sizes of versatile agility hurdles to help your athletes improve their speed and agility. You can always count on Power Systems for the best training equipment for all your fitness and training needs.



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    Smart Hurdle #1: set of 6, 6 inches high 30282 30282 -- -- $109.99
    Smart Hurdle #2: set of 6, 12 inches high 30284 30284 -- -- $120.69
    Smart Hurdle #3:single, adjustable 12 to 18 inches high 30286 30286 -- -- $65.99
    Smart Hurdle #4: single, adjustable 21 to 36 inches high 30288 30288 -- -- $75.99
    Smart Hurdle #5: single, adjustable 27 to 42 inches high 30290 30290 -- -- $79.39


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