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    VertiMax V8

    The most important attribute for any athlete to have is reactive power in the lower-body. Explosive power and speed are vital to any player of competitive sports, from student to professional athlete. Whether baseball, football, basketball, or track and field agility training, Power Systems’ VertiMax is specially designed to enhance an athlete’s performance. With Vertimax your clients will:

    • Increase speed and first step quickness
    • Improve vertical jump height
    • Enhance the explosive power of the legs

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    The VertiMax for sale by Power Systems is an 8-band jump training system designed for both on and off platform training. It is the only system that allows for dynamic simultaneous loading of the legs in two different phases- both the drive and the swing phase. This enables the development of enhanced speed while sprint training off-platform. The VertiMax V8 provides you with the most advanced leg drive and swing phase loading in the world.


    • 8 band training system
    • On and Off Platform Training
    • Lower and Upper Body Exercises
    • 4 Multi Vector bands for sport specific configurations
    • Includes waist belt, hip flexor harness, velcro hand straps, and ankle straps

    VertiMax Customizable Options

    • Board colors: Red, blue, black
    • Trim colors: Black or white
    • Mat colors: Black or gray

    Additional Information

    After a thorough warm-up, stand on the platform and make about 10 vertical leaps without attaching any of the resistance bands so you get a feel for the machine. Look straight ahead as you jump and concentrate on keeping your rhythm consistent. Bend the knees as you land, following through the full range of motion, and try not to pause between jumps.

    If you are just beginning with VertiMax, attach resistance to only your waist at first. Five or six sets of six to eight reps each is a good way to improve your vertical jump. As you build strength, or if you are already an advanced athlete, you can attach cables to your arms and legs also.

    For off-platform linear speed training, you can attach one of the stronger bands from the rear of the machine to your waist. Getting in starting position, take off explosively in a sprint as far as the bands will allow.  Experts suggest 10-14 of these two or three times a week, being sure to change the leading foot each time. To produce the fastest, most explosive athletes, consider adding a Power Systems VertiMax machine to your jump training equipment!



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    VertiMax V8 Standard 10498 10498 -- -- $3,187.99
    VertiMax V8 Large 10499 10499 -- -- $3,393.99
    VertiMax V8 Youth Waist Harness ONLY 10493 10493 -- -- $58.99


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