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    Monster Sled

    The Monster Sled is a Power Systems brand that is ideal for training runs, coach-assisted runs and building leg muscle and drive.
    The use of weight sleds for athletic training is not new. Their use can be traced to Scandinavian loggers, who had to drag the trees they felled out of the forest themselves. The loggers developed very strong legs and lower backs, and to this day Scandinavian weight lifters are known for their skill in deadlifting. Push sleds also found their way into the sport of bobsledding, in which the athletes push a speed sled down an ice track. Currently, Power Systems football training sleds are commonly used by rugby and football trainers, and weighted sleds are also used by sprinters and cross-trainers.

    Workout sleds:

    • Build muscle strength
    • Enhance power and acceleration
    • Develop strong core muscles


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    The Power Systems Monster Sled is ideal for both training and coach-assisted runs. It is made of welded steel. The speed sled has a padded shoulder harness for extra comfort.


    • 37” handle grip for wide and narrow grips
    • Holds up to 540 lbs on two weight posts
    • 45-lb weight plates sold separately

    Additional Information

    Running sleds are excellent for developing power and acceleration, which are crucial in many sports. Research has shown that athletes who use football sleds help develop functional strength because it involves multiple muscle groups and joints working together. For example, the arms and legs must work together, and a strong core is essential to maintaining stability as the athlete exerts force on the sled and on the training surface.
    Cross trainers enjoy using football training sleds because they add variety and fun to their workouts, and because it combines strength, endurance and serious cardio training in one activity.
    A workout sled is such a valuable training tool that it should be a part of any professional fitness facility. When your clients demand the best in exercise sleds, look no further than Power Systems Monster Sled to help them develop the strength and power they need.




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