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    Club Premium Kettlebell Rack

    Kettlebell workouts are a fun and effective way for your clients, athletes and fitness enthusiasts to improve their overall strength and power, and they help burn lots of calories at the same time. Exercises that use kettlebell sets include squats, snatches, cleans, jerks and more. A kettlebell workout is a safe and interesting alternative to traditional strength training, and kettlebell exercises include a strong cardio component as well. Offer your fitness enthusiasts the variety and effectiveness you can only get from a kettlebell workout.

    Club Premium Kettlebell Racks:

    • Help keep your kettlebells organized and off the floor
    • Help ensure additional wear and tear of kettlebells does not happen
    • Hold up to 18 kettlebells
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    Keep your kettlebells organized and off the floor with this 3-tier kettlebell rack. The rubber mats on the shelves reduces noise when putting the kettlebells away and protects them from additional wear and tear. The back lip on each shelf of the rack prevents your kettlebells from falling through. Power Systems kettlebells are sold separately. Some assembly required. Additional shipping charges may apply.


    • Holds up to 18 kettlebells
    • Steel construction
    • Color: Black/Gray
    • 54" L x 25" deep x 36" H

    Additional Information

    Some of the specific benefits of kettlebell training include:

    • Calorie burning. The American Council on Exercise says that using kettlebells can burn up to 20 calories per minute.
    • Improved range of motion. Large movements with kettlebells help loosen up the joints and maintain flexibility, which reduces the risk of injury.
    • Both cardio and strength. While significantly improving your clients’ strength, they are also getting a solid cardio workout with kettlebells.
    • Improved functional strength. Kettlebell workouts involve using everyday movements that mimic everyday life activities such as lifting heavy bags, pulling open heavy doors, and reaching things that are up high.

    For more advanced workouts, you’ll probably want to select a kettlebell set and a nice storage rack for the set, and for elite athletes, premium and competition sets are also available. Power Systems also offers instruction manuals that provide kettlebell workout routines for your clients and rehabilitation patients.



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