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    Premium Slide Board

    Hockey players and speed skaters have known about the benefits of slide boards for decades. Now, the rest of the fitness world has caught on. The premium slide board is a Power Systems brand that is designed to develop speed, agility and balance, and especially to enhance hip stability and strength. Exercise slide boards are fun to use and add variety to your routine, and they provide a terrific cardiovascular workout as well. What’s more, they can help athletes reduce injuries from any kind of weight bearing exercise, including running, skating, or skiing.

    Slide boards:

    • Develop speed, agility, balance and power
    • Enhance hip stability and strength
    • Improve balance


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    An exercise slide board is a very slippery mat with blocks on each end that are used as stoppers. Soft booties or socks can be used on the board. Glide boards from Power Systems are white with black stoppers and are 24” wide. Ramps provide a stable surface for changes in direction.


    • Built-in handle for easy transport.
    • High-density polyethylene sliding surface with non-skid backing.
    • Unit includes board with 2 ramps and 1 pair of standard booties (extra booties sold separately).

    Additional Information

    The hip joint is much like the shoulder muscle in that it is a ball and socket joint, and it is a common injury site in the body. Training the hip joints with Power Systems slideboards is an effective way to prevent hip and knee injuries while also enhancing power and speed.
    Exercisers who are new to slider boards should take it slow at first. It feels fun, but it’s a killer workout that takes practice. Experts recommend starting with 5-10 minutes and focusing on technique (small strides) rather than speed or endurance at first. It takes a little time to get the inner and outer thighs, hamstrings and glutes to all work together seamlessly. Once the proper technique is learned, your clients can extend their workouts as much as they like and lengthen their stride. The Power Systems premium slide board is an excellent addition to any fitness facility and can also be used at home or on the road.



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    Premium Slide Board - 8 Ft. Board w/ Booties 21149 21149 -- -- $499.39
    Premium Slide Board - Standard Booties 21215 21215 -- -- $21.39


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    1.Holly on 1/5/2014 I am a size 8.5 Women's US. These booties are supposed to fit 5-12 ( I assume Men's US). I had a very hard time getting the booties on over my sneakers. There is no way that they will fit a Men's size 12 US! I STRUGGLED. There was also not a lot of extra room in the front of the bootie either, so I really doubt that the average Men's US shoe will fit in these booties. Men should definitely get the bigger size and women above a size 8 should consider it as well. After finally wrestling the booties on, they were comfortable and did not dig into my legs. They are snug enough on the shoes, as they should be. The issue is the hole to get your foot into the bootie is way too small. It has elastic that does not stretch very much at all. I'm not sure how I got them on, but I did.
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