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    Power-Plyo Box

    Power Systems plyometrics boxes are used by those athletes who want to develop power. Many studies have shown that plyometric training can significantly improve vertical jump ability by conditioning your body through dynamic resistance movements.

    • Significantly improve vertical jump ability by conditioning your body through dynamic resistance movements
    • Increase the speed and strength of your fast-twitch muscle fibers so you can produce maximal force with each leap
    • Improve your power in forward jumps, lateral jumps, and other plyometric drills.


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    This is not your typical jumper box. Plyometric boxes from Power Systems are designed to provide maximum stability and durability during your plyometrics workout. Power Systems’ plyometric boxes are constructed of fully welded steel frames, and the tops are made from reinforced ¾” plywood with a non-slip surface to maximize safety.


    • Rubber bottom to protect floors
    • Stackable for easy storage
    • 7 different sizes, sold as sets or individually


    • 6" Box: Top= 11" x 11"/ Bottom= 12" x 12"
    • 12" Box: Top= 13" x 13"/ Bottom= 15" x 15"
    • 18" Box: Top= 14" x 14"/ Bottom= 18" x 18"
    • 24" Box: Top= 15" x 15"/ Bottom= 21" x 21"
    • 30" Box: Top= 16" x 16"/ Bottom= 23" x 23"
    • 36" Box: Top= 20" x 20"/ Bottom= 28" x 28"
    • 42" Box: Top= 22" x 22"/ Bottom= 32" x 32"

    Set Breakdown:

    • Advanced Set: 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42"
    • Starter Set: 12", 18", 24", 30"


    Additional Information

    Plyo box jumps should be performed after warming up but before strength training. You should start at a comfortable distance from the plyo box, standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Keeping your head up and back straight, and engaging your glutes and hamstrings, quickly get into a quarter squat while hinging at the hips. Then, swinging your arms, push your feet explosively off the floor to jump onto the box. You should try to land as quietly as possible, bending your knees to a little more than 90 degrees as you land to absorb the force. Then step down off the box rather than jumping off to avoid the risk of injury to your knees and tibia.

    When starting out, choose a Power Systems box height that is something you are comfortable jumping onto so you reduce the risk of banging your shins. Gradually increase the box height as you progress in your training. As you advance, you can try different variations. For example, jump sideways onto the box, or combine box jumping with strength training by doing a squat followed by a squat jump onto the box.

    Plyo boxes from Power Systems are a great addition to any training routine for athletes who are serious about building strength and power.



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    Power-Plyo Box 6" 20508 20508 -- -- $113.39
    Power-Plyo Box 12" 20514 20514 -- -- $123.39
    Power-Plyo Box 18" 20520 20520 -- -- $138.69
    Power-Plyo Box 24" 20526 20526 -- -- $155.99
    Power-Plyo Box 30" 20532 20532 -- -- $172.39
    Power-Plyo Box 36" 20538 20538 -- -- $193.69
    Power-Plyo Box 42" 20544 20544 -- -- $216.99
    Power-Plyo Box Advanced Set 20562 20562 -- -- $810.69
    Power-Plyo Box Starter Set 20552 20552 -- -- $459.39


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    1.Dawn on 5/14/2017 Love this thing!
    2.Darryl on 7/3/2012 These are nice the kids have hops ! I already new these were the lick. The kids say they wanna dunk so uuuugh there it is. Very sturdy, stackable, i have had them for two - three weeks.
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