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    This BOSU ball has 2 ½ lbs of unstable weight inside it, so it doesn't roll away when you're performing stability ball exercises. You can perform traditional BOSU ball exercises plus design completely new exercise sequences. This weighted stability ball is a total-body training tool that's more versatile and easier to use than a traditional workout ball.

    Benefits of the BOSU Ballast Ball:

    • Allows for total-body training
    • Easier to use than a traditional stability ball
    • Its 2 ½ lbs of unstable weight ensures the ball won’t roll away when exercising
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    Constructed from high quality, burst-resistant material, the BOSU ball is designed with a 6-sided surface for proper alignment and positioning. It has 2.5 lbs of multi-dimensional load, which provides audible feedback during exercises involving lifting, shifting, and shaking. Available in translucent light blue, this weighted stability ball inflates to between 55 cm and 65 cm. Includes a foot pump, owner’s manual and workout DVD.


    • Made of high-quality burst-resistant material
    • Allows a user’s weight up to 300 lbs
    • Includes foot pump, owner’s manual and workout DVD
    • Color: light blue
    • Can be inflated between 55 cm and 65 cm

    Additional Information

    The BOSU Ballast Ball is designed for use with a variety of fitness exercises. You can perform traditional exercises while sitting or standing on the ball, or use it to perform more dynamic drills. This weighted stability ball helps enhance functional core strength and it’s easy to adding variations to your exercise routine, whether you are doing push-ups or chest presses.
    The ballast inside the ball provides audible cues depending on the exercise performed.  For example, you'll want to hear and see the weight actually move from one side of the ball to the other for impact shifts. For the rotations, however, a steady whooshing sound is what you are looking to achieve.
    A BOSU ball is excellent for use in a crowded space, such as in fitness classes, to ensure the ball does not go wandering all around the gym during group fitness or circuit training classes. It can not only be used as a stability ball, but as a medicine ball as well. The BOSU ballast balls stack on top of one another easily for handy storage. A must for any fitness center!

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