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    Premium Power - Plyo Box

    Plyometrics is a type of exercise that allows you to condition your body to make it faster and more powerful. Plyometric training programs incorporate moves that make the muscles work better instead of just focusing on making them larger. Training with a plyo box increases jumping height for basketball players while increasing endurance for any type of athlete. A jumper box is the ideal tool for athletes who participate in more than one sport since they impact speed, strength, endurance and ability for stronger legs all the way around.

    Plyo Boxes:
    • Increase jumping height
    • Improve endurance
    • Enhance speed and strength


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    Plyometric boxes from Power Systems are made with square tubular steel construction and have reinforced tops for strength and stability so they are durable enough for training for sports teams or for classroom workouts. They also have a solid rubber mat on the top for support so you can land securely. For even greater convenience, the plyo boxes stack on top of each other for easy storage. They are just as effective for training outdoors in the field as they are for indoor classes.


    • Square tubular steel construction
    • Reinforced tops with thick mats for safety and stability
    • 4 stackable sizes, from 12” to 30”


    Additional Information

    Although plyometric boxes have been used to train athletes in a number of sports for years, there are also benefits you can gain from using a plyo box if you don’t participate in any organized sport. Plyometric boxes provide a much higher level of intensity than walking so they burn a lot of calories and fat. Plyometrics also leads to changes in how the body creates energy, so that fat is burned before newly consumed carbohydrates are burned. That means that the exercises performed on plyo boxes are great for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight.

    Plyometrics have proven to be a powerful, effective method of conditioning muscles for athletes and fitness fanatics. Look no further than Power Systems for premium plyo boxes that will help you strengthen and condition your legs for improved speed and strength.



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    Premium Power - Plyo Box - (Set of 4) 20610 20610 -- -- $661.99
    Premium Power - Plyo Box 12" 20602 20602 -- -- $152.99
    Premium Power - Plyo Box 18" 20604 20604 -- -- $183.39
    Premium Power - Plyo Box 24" 20606 20606 -- -- $203.69
    Premium Power - Plyo Box 30" 20608 20608 -- -- $234.39


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