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    Speed Harness

    Any athlete who enjoys a sport that requires running is looking for ways to improve their performance. Of course there are professional training systems that use computers and video cameras to analyze your stride and improve your performance, but they often cost too much or require too much professional expertise to be of use to individual runners or small fitness centers.
    But sometimes the most effect speed training equipment is the least expensive and the easiest to use. That is the case with the Speed Harness offered by Power Systems, which allows two athletes to work together to improve both of their performances at the same time, by running in tandem.

    The Speed Harness system contains:

    • Either 2 swivel waist belts or 2 shoulder harnesses (belts fit up to a 42" waist)
    • 20 feet of fully-sheathed Slastix® resistance tubing (stretches up to 60 feet)
    • Carry bag for use when traveling


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    The Speed Harness speed training program couldn't be simpler to use – the front athlete puts on a belt or shoulder harness, which is attached via strong Slastix resistance tubing to the belt or harness worn by the rear athlete. They then run in tandem, the front athlete receiving resistance training while the rear athlete receives overspeed training.
    The Speed Harness system allows both athletes to improve their training stride length and frequency. The Slastix resistance tubing provides a smooth, consistent pull for both athletes, while offering maximum safety. The swivel waist belt allows either athlete to change the direction of pull easily without forcing them to stop and remove the belt. Tubing is available in two strengths, as indicated in the Features options below.


    The Speed Harness system is available from Power Systems in the following configurations:

    • Speed Harness with standard belts and medium tubing
    • Speed Harness with standard belts and heavy tubing
    • Speed Harness with shoulder harness and medium tubing
    • Speed Harness with shoulder harness and heavy tubing

    Additional Information

    Speed training equipment from Power Systems helps you improve flexibility and quickness in both sprinting and endurance activities. So if you are looking for a speed training program to improve your running skills as an individual or the collective running skills of your clients or sports team, it's difficult to find a more cost-effective solution than the Speed Harness.



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    Speed Harness with Standard Belts & Medium Tubing 10302 10302 -- -- $99.99
    Speed Harness with Standard Belts & Heavy Tubing 10304 10304 -- -- $99.99
    Speed Harness with Shoulder Harness & Medium Tubing 10306 10306 -- -- $102.99
    Speed Harness with Shoulder Harness & Heavy Tubing 10308 10308 -- -- $102.99


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