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    The Accelerator harness is a Power Systems brand. The Accelerator harness is a type of endurance training equipment that helps your clients accelerate more powerfully and faster, and for longer distances. The resistance from behind closely mimics the battle dynamics of an actual opponent. The tubing used in the harness is not your typical elastic, which can snap back and cause injury. The tubing has a fabric sleeve that protects against injury as well as against overstretching and wear and tear. The Accelerator is a type of gym equipment that can be used as basketball training equipment and for speed training for football.

    Speed training programs:

    • Enhance acceleration and speed
    • Develop power in the legs
    • Improve agility and balance


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    The Power Systems Accelerator harness is focused on the first 30 feet run by the athlete, which is during their acceleration. It automatically detaches so the athlete can continue for longer distances. The adjustable padded harness is large enough to fit over shoulder pads but can adjust small enough to fit young athletes, making it suitable for youth speed training as well as adult speed training. The harness is available in 2 resistances.
    The Accelerator focuses on the specific muscle groups needed for stamina and speed for up to 30 foot distances.


    • Includes: harness, 10' resistance tubing, anchor
    • Color: Black/Yellow
    • Available in 2 different resistance levels: 105 lbs. (beginners) and 150 lbs. (advanced)

    Additional Information

    Sometimes the most effective pieces of training equipment are also the ones that seem to be the simplest. The Power System Accelerator harness is a good example. This small piece of soccer speed training equipment is actually quite versatile and can be used with both adults and youths in their speed training programs. It is lightweight and easily compacted for use in the gym or while on the road. After training with the Accelerator, athletes not only improve their speed but also their movements and their recovery from movements.
    Every fitness facility should have at least one Accelerator harness on hand for their athletes and clients who are focused on effective speed training for a variety of sports activities.



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    The Accelerator 105 lbs. 10224 10224 -- -- $144.99
    The Accelerator 150 lbs. 10222 10222 -- -- $185.99


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    1.George on 1/4/2012 Heavy Duty - quality construction. My boys love it!
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