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    Leg Speed Builder

    You already know that exercise bands are an effective, cost-effective strength training tool for all levels of exercise. But did you know they are also excellent for developing explosive movements? To develop fast and strong contractions, athletes need to train their explosive movements. The Leg Speed Builder specialized stretching bands from Power Systems help your clientele develop power, and they add versatility, portability, and resistance to any lower body exercise. With our Leg Speed Builder workout bands, your clientele will build power, strength and speed.

    Leg Speed Builder:

    • Improve balance, speed, and coordination
    • Enhance core strength and overall performance
    • Train the feet and legs to perform complex movement patterns

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    A Power Systems Brand! Train specific running movements using this versatile exercise tubing that develops the legs, hips, and glutes. Multiple ring positions on the adjustable foot straps let you isolate and develop the muscles in the lower body. Work 1 leg or 2 at the same time. To apply resistance, secure the latex resistance tubing to a sturdy, fixed object or have a partner assist. Each 70" tube provides approximately 14 lbs. of resistance at 100% elongation and 20 lbs. at 200% elongation. Unit includes 2 adjustable foot straps with 3 attachment points, 2 tubes, and a nylon connecting strap.


    • 2 adjustable foot straps with 3 attachment points
    • 2 tubes
    • Nylon connecting strap
    • Black color

    Additional Information

    Take explosive movement training to the next level with Power Systems Leg Speed Builder. Because explosive movements require fast movements against gravity, they cannot be trained properly with traditional free weights or a pulley system. However, by using a rubber band workout such as that provided by the Leg Speed Builder, your clientele can train with high resistance and without damaging your more expensive workout equipment.
    The Leg Speed Builder body bands are ideal for lifts stretches and strength drills while providing all of the benefits of adjustable resistance. This means it is useful for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, from beginner to advanced. When looking for effective lower body stretching bands for your fitness facility, look no further than the Leg Speed Builder from Power Systems.



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