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    Power Throw-Ball Baseball Medicine Ball

    A Power Systems brand.Strengthen and rehabilitate the shoulder with this baseball-size medicine ball for sale from Power Systems. These durable, small weighted balls help develop dynamic strength through the throwing motion. Medicine balls can also be useful for upper-body rehabilitation exercises.

    Medicine Balls:

    • Add variety and interest to your workouts
    • Improve muscle power
    • Strengthen the core
    • Build strength and endurance for everyday activities


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    This Power Systems product is available in baseball and softball sizes (a standard baseball/softball weighs 5 oz.). It is made of rugged vinyl shell with filler. These medicine balls for sale are color coded by weight and the colors may vary. The Power Throw Ball is the size of a baseball. Choose from 7 oz (red), 14 oz (yellow) or 21 oz (blue) weight.


    • Rugged vinyl shell
    • 3 different colors
    • 3 different weights

    Additional Information

    The Power Systems Power Throw Ball is a special weighted baseball medicine ball because it is specifically designed to rehabilitate and develop the shoulder joint, by working through the throwing motion. It is ideal for use by those recovering from a rotator cuff injury or other injury affecting the shoulder. If your clients are focused on sports activities that involve throwing or the use of upper body muscles, in general, this medicine ball for sale will fit the bill perfectly. And with 3 different weights, your client can progress easily towards his or her fitness goals with the use of these weighted baseballs.
    You already know that medicine balls offer variety and interest as well as real fitness benefits. Power Systems offers a range of medicine balls to help fitness enthusiasts develop explosive strength, coordination, and power. They are adaptable for use at a variety of fitness levels, making them an important complement to other strength training equipment. In fact, they are an ideal complement to traditional strength training because weight training machines you must accelerate and decelerate the load. With a medicine ball, you do not have to decelerate the load and power comes from releasing the load instead of decelerating it.
    At Power Systems, we offer not only the medicine balls for sale, but also racks and storage trees, helpful books, and even a coach’s kit. Once your clients have tried using a medicine ball, the benefits will have them wanting to keep using it for years to come.



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    Power Throw-Ball Baseball Medicine Ball 7oz., Red 26007 26007 -- -- $14.39
    Power Throw-Ball Baseball Medicine Ball 14oz., Yellow 26014 26014 -- -- $15.39
    Power Throw-Ball Baseball Medicine Ball 21oz., Blue 26021 26021 -- -- $16.39


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    1.John on 2/23/2017 Meets my needs OK, but it was a little smaller in circumference than I anticipated.
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