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    Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and rehabilitation clients can all benefit from variety in their exercise routines. Power Systems Dynamax Medicine Balls provide this type of variety. Medicine balls (particularly high-quality medicine balls like Dynamax products) are an effective and reliable way for users to build strength in several areas, including the chest, arms, legs, and core. These weighted balls are designed to be easy to maneuver while still providing resistance, making them adaptable to a variety of exercises.

    Medicine balls:

    • Build strength in the chest, arms, legs and core
    • Improve balance and coordination
    • Add variety and fun to workouts


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    Dynamax medicine balls available in a variety of weights, ranging from 4 lbs to 30 lbs. Different weights are better suited for different abilities and needs, so consider choosing several medicine balls to make sure all of your customers or clients have access to one they can work with. Durable casings are another great feature, as they will help your equipment stand up to repeated use. Power Systems medicine balls have a balanced, uniform weight which allows the ball to remain directionally stable, helping to reduce the risk of injuries.


    • 14” diameter; available in 11 different weights
    • Soft-shell construction and balanced, uniform weight of this ball make it easy to handle.
    • Filler material provides even weight distribution and helps maintain shape.


    Additional Information

    Athletes and sports enthusiasts can use a soft medicine ball to help build explosive strength by incorporating the ball into Plyometric exercises. Adding a medicine ball to push-ups or Roman deadlifts can add challenge that improves balance skills, while throwing and catching a weighted ball helps to improve hand-eye coordination and strength. Finally, many users find that Dynamax Medicine Balls are simply fun to use, which makes time spent working out that much more effective.

    Equipping your facility with the right medicine balls can greatly improve your clients' or customers' performance. At Power Systems, you can find a medicine ball for sale that meets your needs and that will last. However, be sure to instruct users on the correct use of medicine balls: ball slamming and other forms of rough use can shorten their life.

    Dynamax Medicine Balls are a durable, effective, and engaging exercise tool for many different uses. Look to Power Systems for the medicine ball that's right for you or your clients’ needs.



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    Dynamax Medicine Ball Stinger I, 4 lbs. 24004 24004 -- -- $74.39
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Stinger II, 6 lbs. 24006 24006 -- -- $79.39
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Accelerator I, 8 lbs. 24008 24008 -- -- $84.69
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Accelerator II, 10 lbs. 24010 24010 -- -- $89.69
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Stout I, 12 lbs. 24012 24012 -- -- $94.69
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Stout II, 14 lbs. 24014 24014 -- -- $104.99
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Hefty I, 16 lbs. 24016 24016 -- -- $110.99
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Hefty II, 18 lbs. 24018 24018 -- -- $116.39
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Burly I, 20 lbs. 24020 24020 -- -- $121.39
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Burly II, 25 lbs. 24021 24021 -- -- $132.39
    Dynamax Medicine Ball Husky, 30 lbs. 24023 24023 -- -- $143.69


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