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    Premium Kettlebells

    Power Systems offers premium kettlebells for sale that go beyond improving your workout. They are also made to reduce noise and the impact weights can have on your floor. Using kettlebell weights to perform Russian twists, kettlebell swings, deadlifts and more will give you an entire-body workout while create a more enjoyable exercise environment.

    Premium kettlebell advantages:

    • Smooth, solid steel handle makes it easy to grip and more comfortable to swing
    • Cast iron encased in vinyl reduces noise for a more relaxing workout environment
    • Vinyl coating prevents damage to floors


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    Whether you are a beginner asking “What are kettlebells?” or a fitness instructor who is wondering “what are the best kettlebells for my fitness facility?” the premium kettlebells for sale from Power Systems are the answer to your fitness needs. They come in a wide range of weights to accommodate a variety of fitness levels. Like all Power Systems brand exercise equipment, these kettlebells are made with the durability and comfort that you need for commercial settings.


    • Available in weights from 5 pounds to 50 pounds
    • Smooth, solid steel handle for comfortable grip in sizes that increase with weight
    • Color-coded by weight

    Additional Information

    Kettlebell training offers something beneficial to people at all fitness levels. For athletes, it offers serious cardio without the monotony that often goes with strength training. For those looking for an interesting way to transition from a sedentary lifestyle to one that is more active, kettlebell weights bring a new level of fun by adding flexibility and eliminating what may seem like endless reps.
    The biggest benefit to working out with kettlebells is the ability to combine cardio and strength training using a single piece of equipment that can travel with you. Kettlebell training also provides more benefit for your time investment and it is a great way to burn fat.
    The premium kettlebells for sale by Power Systems are not only better than traditional dumbbells; they are the best kettlebell brand for your individual use or for your fitness classes. The vinyl coating tanks away the constant “clanking” you would expect to hear when numerous people are using metal weights while it also keeps dents and dings from marring your floor. Kettlebell workouts focus on using the whole-body while focusing on movement instead of on specific muscles. The end result is a body that is stronger, more flexible, and more functional.
    Premium kettlebells are more than the newest version of dumbbells. They offer an entire-body workout that is as fun and versatile as it is effective.



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    Premium Kettlebells Single - 5 lbs.-Lt Blue 50351 50351 -- -- $36.69
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 8 lbs.-Purple 50352 50352 -- -- $42.99
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 10 lbs.-Yellow 50353 50353 -- -- $46.99
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 12 lbs.-Green 50354 50354 -- -- $47.99
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 15 lbs.-Orange 50355 50355 -- -- $52.99
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 18 lbs.-Red 50356 50356 -- -- $55.99
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 20 lbs.-Blue 50357 50357 -- -- $60.39
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 25 lbs.-Gray 50358 50358 -- -- $67.39
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 30 lbs.-Black 50359 50359 -- -- $75.39
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 35 lbs.-Red 50360 50360 -- -- $82.69
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 40 lbs.-Blue 50361 50361 -- -- $88.69
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 45 lbs.-Gray 50362 50362 -- -- $97.99
    Premium Kettlebells Single - 50 lbs.-Black 50363 50363 -- -- $104.99


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