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    Something as simple as a stretch can have a dramatic impact on the safety and effectiveness of your workout. Exercise straps let you take your stretches to another level without the need for a partner. Perform unassisted stretches for flexibility and better circulation to protect your muscles when you exercise. The use of the stretch out strap lets you extend your movement a little farther for even more impact.

    Using a Stretching Strap:

    • Improves blood flow to hard-to-reach muscles
    • Increases flexibility to joints
    • Reduces the potential for injury during all types of activities
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    Stretching your muscles increases the amount of blood that flows to them, along with more nutrients. The increased blood flow helps prepare muscles for exercises that could otherwise put them at risk of injury. The Stretch Out Strap with Book provides you with the tools you need to stretch any of your muscles and gives you a guide on the appropriate way to use a stretching strap.


    • Durable nylon strap lets you pull through a full range-of-motion
    • 10 fixed loops provide more static stretching
    • Book to show you the proper way to use the Stretch Out Strap

    Additional Information

    Versatility, affordability, and portability are just a few of the words that describe the Stretch Out Strap with Book. This is a highly effective piece of exercise equipment that comes at a very affordable price. Perform the stretches for flexibility described in the accompanying book prior to your exercise routine or sports performance to improve the flexibility of your muscles and protect your joints.
    Power Systems offers the Stretch Out Strap with Book to all types of exercisers who understand the importance of the workout. Increasing blood flow to muscles before demanding them to perform will protect them and make your performance and practices safer and easier to perform.
    The book will guide you on how to use the strap to perform a variety of exercises with the Stretch Out Strap. Use any of the 10 built-in loops to work various joints throughout the body. Place hands or feet through the desired loop and stretch lower back, hamstrings, thighs, calves, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, or hip flexors. You will be surprised at the impact static stretching can have on your body.
    Make stretching a part of every workout or game you play. Simply throw the strap into your gym bag or suitcase to take it on workouts far from home. The low cost of this equipment should not disguise the importance it can have in keeping your muscles and joints free from injury, stiffness and pain.
    Order your Stretch Out Strap with Book from Power Systems today and get the benefits of unassisted stretching before every workout.



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