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  • Landmine

    • Ground-based rotational training device that works the entire body.
    • Perform 1- and 2- arm movement and other rotational exercises.
    • Portable and can be used in or out of the room.


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    A Power Systems Brand! A ground-based rotational training device that works the entire body. You can perform 1- and 2-arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any Olympic size bar into the 12" pivoting sleeve at the unit's base. This product is portable for use in or out of the weight room. Assembly is required.

    Combine the Landmine with the Wide Handle attachment (sold separately) for a workout that targets the shoulders, core and hips. 

    Landmine Features:
    • 4" sleeve that holds an olympic bar
    • Includes handle for easy transportation
    • Solid steel
    • Nonskid rubber bottom
    • Color: Black
    • Base: 19 1/2" L x 16" W
    • Plates are solid separately

    Wide Handle Features:
    • Ergonomic grips positioned approximately 26" apart
    • Solid steel
    • Color: Black
    • Connector pivots side to side and top to bottom




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    Landmine 60054 60054 -- -- $249.95
    Landmine with wide handle 60055 60055 -- -- $275.95
    Landmine Wide handle only 60056 60056 -- -- $39.95


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    1.Debra on 12/30/2014 The “Extreme Core Trainer” AKA Landmine is a must-have for home workouts. Use it indoors or outdoors because you can carry it by its “U” shaped handle. I love this handle because I can anchor my battling ropes to it and create a second workout station all in the same setup. There is endless variety that can be done with the landmine to target the abdominal core and pelvic core. Once introduced, everyone that trains with me asks if we can do The Landmine!
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    Showing comments 1-1 of 1

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