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    Lifeline Power Wheel

    The Lifeline Power Wheel is an effective piece of exercise equipment designed to boost your upper body power as well as develop a firm and stable core. Turn your core and upper body into a powerhouse by adding the power wheel fitness to your resistance training exercise arsenal.

    Lifeline Power Wheel:

    • Ultimate in core fitness.
    • Provides an intense workout to improve strength and balance.
    • Challenges your abs, back, obliques, glutes and upper body.
    • Patented functional design with heavy duty construction.

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    Use the Lifeline Power Wheel to increase strength in your chest, shoulders, arms and develop core strength. Power Systems is offering one heavy-duty wheel with adjustable toe/heel fasteners. As a versatile fitness tool, you can perform a multitude of upper and lower-body resistance training exercises with the power wheel, such as push-ups, leg curls, inch worms, and crab walks by positioning your hands or feet on the wheel. Assembly is required before use.


    • Soft foam grip for added comfort
    • Smooth rolling wheel
    • Foot pedal provides intense workout versatility

    Key specifications

    Wheel: 14" dia. 6 lbs.

    Additional Information

    A strong core helps improve power and balance, and it can help reduce the likelihood of injury. Plus, nothing compares to a solid, lean midsection. The Lifeline Power Wheel delivers a variety of intense resistance training exercises to challenge your abs, obliques, back, hips and glutes, but you can even see and feel results all over your body.
    For a versatile workout, place your hands or feet in the stirrups. The power wheel moves in any direction to work your whole core and utilize range of motion. Feel free to walk or you’re your position to develop balance and body control.
    At Power Systems, we aim to deliver products that deliver results. With exercise possibilities that range from mild to mind blowing, the Lifeline Power Wheel is the perfect exercise equipment for all fitness levels.



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    1.Robert on 4/6/2017 Item in stock but then they tell me it will take 3 months to get back in. Well? Why didn't you mark it out of stock I wouldn't have bought it then. Horrible customer support and no customer service. Do not recommend buying from this company
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