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    Elite Power Medicine Ball

    It is said that Hippocrates once filled animal skins and gave them to people to toss and lift for medicinal purposes. In those times, “medicine” meant prevention of illness and maintenance of good health. Still in use today, the medicine ball has come a long way since the days of Hippocrates. Power Systems is proud to offer a range of medicine balls made of the highest quality materials to help your clients maintain good health, get fit and aid in recovery.

    • Add interest and variety to workouts
    • Improve power and coordination
    • Enhance range of motion


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    Power Systems offers the Elite Power Medicine Ball, which is available in 11 different sizes and weights to suit beginners to the most advanced exercisers. The Elite Power Medicine ball from Power Systems is perfectly balanced and constructed with durability in mind- guaranteed to maintain its shape and remain a fixture in your facility for years to come. The surface of the ball is specially designed to ensure a high level of grip and ease of handling. To further expand the types of exercises you can offer to your clients, we also offer our superior medicine ball with handles. You can incorporate them into any group, sport-specific or rehabilitation movement for added resistance.


    • Easy-grip design
    • 11 different sizes and weights
    • 3-year limited warranty

    Breakdown of Available Elite Power Medicine Balls:

    • 2 lbs, Yellow: 8" diam for Beginner level exercises
    • 4 lbs, Green: 8" diam for Beginner level exercises
    • 6 lbs, Blue: 9" diam for Beginner level exercises
    • 8 lbs, Orange: 9" diam for Intermediate level exercises
    • 10 lbs, Red: 10" diam for Intermediate level exercises
    • 12 lbs, Purple: 10" diam for Intermediate level exercises
    • 15 lbs, Green: 10" diam for Advanced level exercises
    • 18 lbs, Blue: 10" diam for Advanced level exercises
    • 20 lbs, Orange: 11" diam for Strength exercises
    • 25 lbs, Red: 11" diam for Strength exercises
    • 30 lbs, Purple: 11" diam for Strength exercises

    Additional Information

    Medicine ball exercises have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years. These time-tested exercises require users to bounce balls against a wall or floor, pass with a partner or perform motions with the ball in-hand. No fitness facility is complete without a medicine ball set. At Power Systems, we offer everything from mats and storage to the best quality fitness equipment including the medicine ball for sale. Weight machines and other everyday exercise equipment can become tedious and are limiting to people looking to increase their range of motion. Adding a medicine ball to your selection can break the monotony by allowing exercisers to shake up their routine and work their bodies in a different way- a way that’s been around for millennia!



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    Elite Power Medicine Ball 2 lbs. - yellow/black 25202 25202 -- -- $26.39
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 4 lbs. - green/black 25204 25204 -- -- $31.69
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 6 lbs. - blue/black 25206 25206 -- -- $42.99
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 8 lbs. - orange/black 25208 25208 -- -- $52.99
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 10 lbs. - red/black 25210 25210 -- -- $60.39
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 12 lbs. - purple/black 25212 25212 -- -- $70.39
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 15 lbs. green/black 25215 25215 -- -- $77.39
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 18 lbs. - blue/black 25218 25218 -- -- $87.69
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 20 lbs. - orange/black 25220 25220 -- -- $99.99
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 25 lbs. - red/black 25225 25225 -- -- $110.99
    Elite Power Medicine Ball 30 lbs. - purple/black 25230 25230 -- -- $126.39


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    1.Sarah on 12/14/2016 This equipment has added a lot to the workouts at the gym. I feel that the quality is excellent and it will last us a lot of workouts and make a lot of clients stronger. We will definitely order from PowerSystems again as it fulfilled our order quickly and the service was great. This is an excellent value.
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