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    Single Grip Handle Strap

    The grab handle is the only thing between you and the cable when you work out with cable machines. The type of grip it gives you and the comfort you endure when working out will often determine your success at completing the number and quality of repetitions that you need. The Single Grip Handle Strap is a versatile handle grip that gives you added support during workouts.

    Using Pull Up Handles:

    • Works for a variety of exercises that use one arm at a time
    • Adds comfort to your workout
    • Enhances use of a cable cross machine
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    The Single Grip Handle Strap is a Power Systems Brand product! The all-purpose single handle is used primarily for one-arm movements. It clips easily to cable machines for quick and versatile use with a variety of workouts. Most often, it is used with the cable cross machine, a standard fixture in the majority of gyms.


    • Heavy nylon strap
    • Plastic handle with neoprene grips and plastic end caps
    • Comfortable padded grips for added support and comfort

    Additional Information

    The cross cable machine has a wide array of uses. It can be used to work almost any muscle group that any other machine or free weights can work. This versatility makes it a valuable part of nearly any workout routine. You can work from multiple directions to impact a diversity of muscles.
    Taking advantage of the cross cable machine and incorporating a more comfortable hand grip can help you spend less time in the gym while getting the same quality results. It saves you the time normally spent going from one machine to the next, making the necessary adjustments as you go.
    You get the best of both worlds when you do your weight training exercises on the cable cross machine. Get the added resistance of weights while going from one exercise to the next by simply making the minor adjustments in the pulley or weight stack you need.
    The cable cross machine is especially popular for use for unilateral exercises. This puts more pressure on one side of your body to perform during isolated exercises. These are the types of exercise the Single Grip Handle Strap was designed for.
    No one should miss out on the advantages of the cable cross machine or those offered by this convenient and comfortable strap. Challenge yourself to turn more of your exercises into unilateral ones that make them even more challenging. It will also help you to build a stronger core that will make all of your exercising efforts easier and more effective.
    The Single Grip Handle Strap is the perfect accessory for use with the cable cross machine and other machines that facilitate unilateral moves. Give it a try and see what you have been missing.



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