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    Lebert Equalizer

    Lebert Equalizer is a portable full body strengthener. The multipurpose Lebert equalizer bars offer versatility in strength training with just a single piece of equipment. With equalizer bars, you can work your arms, chest, legs, back and core muscles using your own body weight as resistance.

    Lebert Equalizer Bars:

    • Provide a total body workout
    • Improve strength with body weight
    • Versatile for a number of exercises at home or at the gym


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    Simple in design and easy to use, the Lebert Equalizer is a portable, sturdy and multipurpose total body strengthener you can use as a standalone or combine several for a varied workout. Depending on the exercises you perform on the bars, you can get a solid body weight workout from top to bottom with this versatile piece of equipment. Equalizers can be used for at home workouts or in group fitness classes and sports training. Equalizers stack together easily and take up very little storage room, making them an ideal addition to your personal training arsenal or your home gym equipment.


    • Portable
    • Available in 3 different colors
    • Includes workout poster
    • Supports up to 400 lbs.
    • 25" W x 28-1/2" H. 19 lbs.

    Additional Information

    Equalizer bars can be used alone or in conjunction with multiple equalizer bars for increased versatility. Lebert Equalizers come with a workout poster to help guide exercisers who are new to equalizer bars or who are looking to change up their routine. Try using them in alone or together with others in one of the following ways:

    • Prop up one or both of your legs on one for intensified push ups, planks and situps.
    • Line up several as hurdles for jumping or leaping over.
    • Lay out several on their side for speed and agility training.


    At Power Systems, we only offer the best workout equipment available at the best possible prices. The Lebert Equalizer bar combines quality with functionality to bring you the most fitness bang for your buck. Try a Lebert equalizer bar today and get total body results.



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    Lebert Equalizer Yellow 92435 92435 -- -- $99.39
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    Lebert Equalizer Lime Green 92434 92434 -- -- $99.39


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