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    Core Roller

    A Power Systems brand. The Core Roller is your key to building strong abdominal muscles fast. It's a sturdy wheel with a rod that traverses the center, covered with non-slip handles. This type of exercise equipment is commonly referred to as an "ab roller" because it is primarily used for core-strengthening exercises.

    The Power Systems Core Roller:

    • Textured, molded, plastic wheel – 7 inches in diameter, 2-1/8 inches wide
    • Non-slip handles – 4-1/4 inches in length
    • Color: black and teal

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    The Power Systems brand Core Roller helps build core strength to support all of your physical activities while decreasing your risk of injury. This sturdy ab roller has an extra-wide wheel that allows you to easily perform roll-outs, rolling planks, inch worms, and side-to-side roll work to target your abdominal muscles. One of the prime benefits of ab roller exercises is that it helps to build strong back muscles as well, because you need strong back muscles to counteract the natural arching of your back as you roll forward on the wheel.


    • Strong, sure-grip plastic wheel
    • Textured ergonomic handles make sure you never lose your grip
    • Light (approximately 1 pound) and easily transportable for travel
    • Can be used for many different ab roller exercises to build core strength

    Additional Information

    One of the benefits that makes ab wheel exercise so popular is that using the Core Roller forces you to use your back muscles at the same time you're working on your abdominal muscles. This keeps your spine in an optimal position throughout the exercises, building strong core muscles and improving balance. (In contrast, exercises that target only the abdominals or only the back can result in an imbalance in your core muscles.)
    In addition, the flexibility of the Core Wheel allows you to perform many different exercises, which helps you to add variety to your core strengthening routine and avoid boredom. Plus, the Core Wheel allows you to progress in your training, for example by starting your rollouts from a kneeling position, but then working up to performing them from a standing position.
    So develop rock-hard abs by contacting Power Systems and ordering your own Core Wheel exercise roller today.



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