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    High Density Foam Roller

    Power Systems foam rollers are frequently used to release tight muscles and trigger points by everyone from professional athletes and physical therapists, to people just beginning a new fitness regimen to help make their workouts more effective.

    • Stimulates blood flow and improves circulation to the body’s soft tissues.
    • Lengthens and loosens tight muscles
    • Can also be used to improve balance and core strength


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    You can find foam rollers in a variety of lengths and firmness’s. Low-cost open-celled foam rollers are made of simple polyethylene foam and are lowest in density. The best foam roller is typically blue or green and is made from special closed-cell polyethylene foam, making them firmer and allowing for a more thorough muscle massage. The better quality of the special closed-cell foam in a high-density foam roller provides superior, durable support while feeling soft on the skin. A high-density exercise foam roller is specially designed for frequent use, is resistant to moisture and bacteria, and lasts up to 5 times longer than an open-celled foam roller. It can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. 


    • Closed-cell polyethylene foam for firmness
    • Moisture resistant and long-lasting
    • Available in three lengths: 12 inches, 18 inches, and 36 inches, in both round and half-round versions.


    Additional Information

    A 12-inch roller is useful if you need to transport your roller frequently, for instance, from Pilates class to home. A foam back roller would be best in the 36-inch version. 

    Power Systems foam rollers can be used for both massage and as a support for exercise, such as yoga and Pilates. A high-density foam roller uses only the weight of the body to massage stiff muscles and trigger points. If you want an upper back massage, lie face-up, placing a round foam roller near the bottom of your shoulder blades, keeping your knees slightly bent and supporting your neck with your hands behind your head. While tightening your abs and bending your knees, move your back over the roller from the bottom to the top of your shoulder blades. DO NOT roll the foam roller over your neck in this position to protect the small bones and musculature of that area.

    Half-round rollers are best if you want to use it for improving balance and stabilization. Doing a plank pose with your hands on a half-round foam roller, for example, will better strengthen your core muscles. By performing exercises on an unstable surface, your muscles are subject to a greater challenge in your body’s attempt to maintain balance.

    High-density foam rollers make a great addition to your clients’ workout routine, and is an inexpensive way to boost the benefits from any exercise routine.



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    High Density Foam Roller - 36", Round 80232 80232 -- -- $19.99
    High Density Foam Roller - 18", Round 80237 80237 -- -- $14.99
    High Density Foam Roller - 12", Round 80233 80233 -- -- $10.99
    High Density Foam Roller - 12", Half-round 80234 80234 -- -- $7.99
    High Density Foam Roller - 36", Half-round 80231 80231 -- -- $14.99


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    1.Steve on 2/14/2017 Don't know why I had the less dense version from physical therapy for so long. This is much better.
    2.Teri on 12/21/2016 It had a small chunk out of it, but otherwise, just as expected!
    3.Maria on 7/5/2012 After having asthroscopic knee surgery, I realized my muscle would tense a lot and I needed lots of stretching. Went to my girlfriend who's a training and she used this roller on me 3 to 5 times a week over several months. She literally saved me from having another surgery. Now in my 50's I can perform physical labor, sit, exercise and dance up a storm. Whenever I feel tense or tight, whether is my upper back, my calfs or knee, I take 5 minutes on the roller to stretch out the muscle that are connected to the pain and all is well. I tell everyone about this product.
    4.Carol on 11/26/2011 Using this roller 3 to 5 times a week over several months literally saved me from 30 years of back pain. Now in my 50's I can perform physical labor, sit, exercise and bend over with no pain. If I overdue work I take 5 minutes on the roller and all is well. Save $$$ on doctor bills. No more trips to the chiropractor. I tell everyone about this.
    5.Billy on 7/29/2009 Works as indicated for muscular myofascial release. I use this roller all the time for upper and lower back tightness. You may hear your spinal discs pop while you roll on it, but that's normal (won't hurt you). It is also effective for glute soreness from knee-dominant exercises. I recommend this and the Stretch Out Strap for a complete workout recovery kit.
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    Showing comments 1-5 of 5
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